so many services i want to self host... the list is getting longer everyday

@benediktg5 @fuyuhikodate @DeathMetalMods jup, ich fürchte mich schon vor dem tag an dem ich mir überlegen muss was ich kaufen kann...

@fuyuhikodate @DeathMetalMods mein altes nexus 5 (non-X) wird benutzt bis es auseinanderfällt, genau aus dem grund

@thomas meine nichte nennt meinen vater "der dicke opa" und meine mutter wird mit dem namen des haustiers beschrieben. sie ist noch etwas jünger 😃

@zigg thanks for reminding me of unicomp. now i gotta find a way to justify ordering ;)

@zigg since when do they offer international layouts? never seen that, was the only reason i hadn't already ordered

@meldrian Danke für die Antwort. Manche Dinge muss man nicht verstehen

@meldrian ernsthafte Frage: was hat Karl Lagerfeld großartiges gemacht das er diese Betroffenheit verdient? Ich würde sagen nichts, aber vielleicht ist das auch meine Ignoranz

@alexbuzzbee problem is, this definition is from the 90s and just doesn't cut it anymore. i dislike js as much as anyone, but something like this was inevitable

@DeathMetalMods @thomas @angrytux Savage Circus ist sehr zu empfehlen. Das bessere blind guardian. Ich weiß ich weiß, heresie 😃

@krille mache einmal täglich force reload, manchmal hängt der webclient

you know the feeling when one bad thing makes you regret your entire life and you are like "oh god please, what have i done, how could i be so stupid"? at least it doesn't happen very often any more

aaaah TWRP is so funky, what a pain. restore does not run, doesn't do *anything*, although it wiped internal storage. currently restoring by hand which takes ages :(

and now i also self host the riot web client. pretty straight forward

i finally reinstalled my server and dockerized letsencrypt & synapse. now got my own matrix homeserver \o/ i haven't put my stuff into salt yet, so i cannot help you there, sorry what worked in the end was also installing the yubikey setup tool (package yubikey-personalization-gui). as soon as it was installed, ykman and the authenticator both could access the totp stuff. so installing yubioath-desktop and yubikey-personalization-gui in the fedora template vm should be enough for you to use it.

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