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so i just flashed my vape with arcticfox custom firmware. it's absolutely unnecessary for my needs but still kinda cool.

woa, guess im gonna play the new poe league. looks awesome

new path of exile league is called betrayal rofl

@lilo like others said, in practice this won't work and users will use the reset password feature on every login - at least that's my experience.

When this happens, the password is completely useless and you simplify to a one time login link sent per email

@adz its xfce and the network-manager gui is pretty straight forward. so i assume i simply configured it the wrong way

@adz pptp or sstp, not sure which internal documentation is up to date right now.

could not get pptp to work, so maybe it's sstp, gonna try that today.

and yeah, pptp should not be very hard to get set up, all the tuts on that are actually pretty short.

@adz just a windows vpn server. But because of you asking i checked again and maybe i just tried to use the wrong vpn type. gonna try fixing it in the evening - thx

the good news is my qubes environment is shaping up nicely.

only thing i got to get working now is vpn (i'm too stupid to get a windows style vpn running on a linux client it seems)

@cyberpunklibrarian yeah most of the time sql server thinks things should be uselessly hard. I am most astonished how inconsistent it can be.

My place in the steelstick64 queue has been reached! :D

Gotta buy this baby, can't wait for it

@lain i think i will ask them to give a number first next time. Why should they not have the problem of guessing properly

@lain true. if they agree to your proposed salary instantly you sold yourself short.

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