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waldfee @waldfee@mastodon.technology

@AskChip the market for really good employees is very thin. around here it's mostly poaching people from other companies cause all the good people are working somewhere

aaah using sql datatypes with shit precision for monetary values is so stupid. why would you do that

@deshipu something like that. i doubt they started getting faster all of a sudden

International delivery was held up in customs for 1 day. first time is was less than 2 weeks. nice change

@Anna not only important for volunteer work but for all forms of work imho.
Never giving positive feedback is really bad.

fuck the uwp skype bullshit. can't even change font size. how stupid is that.

second day in a row where trains are delayed by police operations. losing 1+h, making the commute 2.5+h. fml

@0x3F you are finally coming to the dark side ;)

@deshipu please keep us posted, i got a gpd pocket and need to know if the pda would be an upgrade :)

@AskChip only it's coworkers in my case :(

i swear the only time i can concentrate on work is when i am not in the office. been Interrupted 5 times in the two hours i've been at my desk. sigh

@superruserr @pinkprius from the perspective of a EU citizen this seems really crazy. i get 25 days a year off minimum, not counting sick leave.

@0x40 thank you. gotta squeeze this in somewhere in my day, no idea if and when i got time for it.
i will keep your offer in mind

@0x40 ah thank you for the info. Off i go :)

@0x40 you by any chance got an invite code you could spare?

10+ years and i still have major adult impostor syndrome

@deshipu TIL there is a term for that :-)

You are right, there are some flat designs which work well despite their flatness. I guess that means i am just frustrated with the bad examples.

the one i posted about is the "modern" skype which is rather bad in it's design decisions

@deshipu from a purely aesthetic pov i get it. what i really miss is that with the old way buttons and other interface elements looked you knew what they where based on this look.
with flat designs you have to take context into consideration to know what is what.
or at least for me it's this way

@deshipu customization options is fine by me. it's the flat part that irks me