5% of my time at work is actually doing stuff and getting things done. the rest is meetings and analyzing existing implementations. not a happy place currently

@waldfee don't count analyzing existing implementations as getting things done? or is it just boring and annoying?
(I can't argue with you on meetings. ick.)

@ischade it's looking at very old legacy swamps of monoliths to find out how it currently works cause nobody knows and there is no documentation (or the docs lie).
this is done to add things to those swamps instead of breaking the new feature out into it's own thing, like the whole company agreed on. but it never happens.

that's why it's bad in my case. otherwise i would agree with you

@ischade don't be. i agreed with the boss on a deadline, if until then it doesn't get better i'll leave the company. so either way in a few months everything will be better

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