so many services i want to self host... the list is getting longer everyday

you know the feeling when one bad thing makes you regret your entire life and you are like "oh god please, what have i done, how could i be so stupid"? at least it doesn't happen very often any more

aaaah TWRP is so funky, what a pain. restore does not run, doesn't do *anything*, although it wiped internal storage. currently restoring by hand which takes ages :(

and now i also self host the riot web client. pretty straight forward

i finally reinstalled my server and dockerized letsencrypt & synapse. now got my own matrix homeserver \o/

first time setting up nginx reverse proxy. just a few lines of config, pretty cool
find you like based on your favorite artists. not affiliated, just a very happy user

Pyramaze's Immortal is still such a great album. Matt Barlow ftw

and i just learned that a new trilogy set in the first law universe releases book 1 this september. hype!

started a reread of The First Law Trilogy. still just awesome

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So i stumbled upon Battle Brothers. Was mentioned in /r/strategyrpg. Glad i did, great game

finally got my yubikey working on . who knew that you had to install the config gui for the oath gui to work. seems there are some dependencies that only the config tool installs.

now my qubes install is fully functional \o/

old password has special characters in it. new version of software doesn't allow special characters in password. now what?

why do people do that :(

i get their concerns, i can understand where they are coming from. but i makes work difficult, and at least they could stop complaining and just accept that it takes longer this way

we have root access to a very paranoid's client server where our stuff runs. but they disable all forms of data transfer, so we have to tell them to send us specific logs for detailed analysis (no tools on the servers).
of course they send the wrong ones, and then they wonder why it takes so long to analyse problems

A friend of mine is in serious danger of sliding off into depression again. This despite him having no major life problems at the moment. I often have a hard time of keeping away from the first stages of depression too. Makes me wonder, what is it that makes some people more susceptible than others?

Again i am hacking a binary because there's some very old legacy shit used in this old application. Sometimes my job is just crazy of stupid. Not sure which it is this time.

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