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i swear the only time i can concentrate on work is when i am not in the office. been Interrupted 5 times in the two hours i've been at my desk. sigh

10+ years and i still have major adult impostor syndrome

"Pros: Flat design with customization options."

why the hell is that a good thing? i'll never understand modern UX paradigms

the planck rev6 looks so awesome. gonna order and hope it'll not get slapped on an extra 50% by customs

just sat in the garden for one hour watching five baby squirrels play around in the trees. they are so amazingly cute

Son, say what you mean, don't be afraid
Tell them how you feel, hear what I say
Be true to yourself and true to your own
Your spirit will crush the hearts of stone


June marks the start of my 4 day work week 🕺

skype/ms has started restricting underage accounts. my account somehow had a birthdate of 2008. they require cc info or id scan to lift the restritctions.

they're not gonna get those of course.

after 1 hour i managed to trick the website into letting me change my profile and set the birthdate to something more reasonable.

damn skype

thx reddit now i wanna buy a planck keyboard

sql rant Show more

sql rant Show more

cherry mx blue are so much better than the browns. the description "similiar to blues but not as loud" is miles off.

it's here :D i love it. click click clickity click

new cherry mx blue board is on it's way. folks in the office gonna hate me

hm vortex poker 3 is very tempting

matt barlow's doppelgänger works in my building. spooky

i am fortunate that public transport here is pretty good compared to other countries. but it's still so awfully bad