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waldfee @waldfee@mastodon.technology

a1 is so ein sch* verein. letzte woche sagt die seite noch "300mbit geht", heute wieder "max 20mbit". Die wussten noch nie was sie tun

sometimes i dream of ditching all the tech crap and becoming a gardener or sth. the amount of bs you have to deal with on a daily basis is slowly driving me away from this craft

alright so i really would like to try a smartwatch. but i really doubt i would use the smart features and it would end up as a cool but expensive gadget. people who own one: what's your most used feature and why is it cool?

goddammit no sleep to be had on the commute. dead man walking

So i was at a nearby indoor climbing wall today. can't even hold my phone without hurting.
but i think it's the first sport i could actually like. was so much fun, definitely going again

Ah the classic "how can it take that long, it's just changing the datasource, structure and workflow".

everyday i wonder if the (seemingly) overly complex processes of corps we capture in software solutions are really all that useful. most times i have the feeling it's just cruft that has accumulated over decades - if you would could do it all over again it would probably look very different and way more streamlined.

Skype has really gotten worse and worse... just sending in line of text is taking 1m+ right now. connectivity is fine otherwise, even in skype itself. just received a message from the contact before mine has gone out.