so i just flashed my vape with arcticfox custom firmware. it's absolutely unnecessary for my needs but still kinda cool.

woa, guess im gonna play the new poe league. looks awesome

new path of exile league is called betrayal rofl

the good news is my qubes environment is shaping up nicely.

only thing i got to get working now is vpn (i'm too stupid to get a windows style vpn running on a linux client it seems)

My place in the steelstick64 queue has been reached! :D

Gotta buy this baby, can't wait for it

it's running off a usb thumbdrive which is nice

i am now rocking a install. works like a charm, now i have to set everything up for my needs

Why is it that when you have an appointment public transport just kills itself when for weeks the commute was smooth?


Time to look for job opportunities i guess. Current company still very resistent to change and betterment.

Sad cause i really like the people i work with here.

Everyone disappointed with Blizzard's anouncement go play Path of Diablo. A great mod with nice community for D2LoD

Sabaton on full blast makes the day a whole lot better 🤘

so mentally exhausted. every day when i come home from work my brain is mush. cant really use free time for anything engaging, which is sad.

i hope that the stress level at work goes down soon, and of course the weather with its 15° over normal conditions is taking a toll too

but my week off is around the corner, so all weill be better soon

Played a few Quake Champions Duels yesterday. So much fun, i missed it

I changed my keyboard's firmware so that it always turns on numlock wenn it boots up. cause i dont care about turning numlock off.
QMK is an awesome project.

After a few hours of actually typing on them i really like zealios. they feel great.

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