when someone not familiar with this line of work asks me what i do as a software engineer i always think of Kelzo on career day youtu.be/TdqRqRXeS-Q?t=148

each time i answer a technical question about some detail in an area i am the designated "expert" i question myself and i am always unsure if i am not talking crap.
how do you deal with this?

imposter syndrome is strong the last few weeks. let's see if i get used to it

i'll have to look at ghidra a little more. the few minutes i spent with it i was positively impressed

5% of my time at work is actually doing stuff and getting things done. the rest is meetings and analyzing existing implementations. not a happy place currently

factorio is eating my time again. 0.17 is great

i am usually no electron fan, but vscode continues to impress me

just discovered there is zen mode in vscode. pretty cool feature

PathTooLongException is such a hideous thing. it's 2019 for god's sake

cool things to : freshrss (web rss feeds), thelounge (web irc client). both very polished projects and they are awesome

so many services i want to self host... the list is getting longer everyday

you know the feeling when one bad thing makes you regret your entire life and you are like "oh god please, what have i done, how could i be so stupid"? at least it doesn't happen very often any more

aaaah TWRP is so funky, what a pain. restore does not run, doesn't do *anything*, although it wiped internal storage. currently restoring by hand which takes ages :(

and now i also self host the riot web client. pretty straight forward

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i finally reinstalled my server and dockerized letsencrypt & synapse. now got my own matrix homeserver \o/

first time setting up nginx reverse proxy. just a few lines of config, pretty cool

find you like based on your favorite artists. not affiliated, just a very happy user

Pyramaze's Immortal is still such a great album. Matt Barlow ftw

and i just learned that a new trilogy set in the first law universe releases book 1 this september. hype!

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started a reread of The First Law Trilogy. still just awesome

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