This will be really interesting to follow:

"Software Freedom Conservancy files right-to-repair lawsuit against Vizio Inc. for alleged GPL violations".

It is the first time someone tries to enforce the GNU GPL from the users perspective and not as the copyright owner. It would make a real difference if users could enforce Free Software licences in the future as well!

#FreeSoftware #licence #GPL #userrights

Super interesting Reddit post on the value for independent game devs of motivated, technical Linux early access players as, essentially, free QA that helps find bugs on all platforms

In light of ua-parser-js, when will npm finally get serious about security and require cryptographically signed packages like maven central? Until it does, it is still just a toy ecosystem, not fit for production, IMHO.

Another option is to organize with your coworkers to pressure management to stop this behavior. This is not feasible in many orgs, but in orgs where it is, it is important to draw a line and say "we will not just get a new job and pass the buck, but we will stay and fight".

Another option is to whistleblow and make these companies accountable to the public. This is not to be taken lightly. More info at:

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It is the right move for some, dep. on circumstances, but this will not change the company, and the next company might be just as unethical. In an industry where unethical practices are endemic, the logical conclusion is to leave the industry, with nothing changing.

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For each person willing to leave a company on an ethical grounds, there are at least 2 without the same scruples who will take their place, or without the privilege of being able to easily leave and find another job.

As we see with basecamp and coinbase, companies are more than happy to see people who might go against management's grain out the door. 🧵

quiet A/B testing is extremely cool because it makes the behavior of certain software features completely unpredictable

if I paste an album url into the spotify searchbar today, will it just open the page for it or override my queue and start playing the album? who knows, it will probably behave differently tomorrow anyway

"Vizio isn’t some wide-eyed teen, randomly copying code they found from GitHub without understanding the implications. This is a multi-billion dollar company that absolutely should know better..."

Trump's Mastodon fork 

from what I have seen:
- was 100% running a customized Mastodon installation
- can safely be assumed to be an early version of “Truth Social”
- I don't know whether they intend to federate (but I would assume they don't)
- I cannot tell if respected the AGPLv3 while it was up, as I have not seen the website when it was up, and most of what I can see are cropped screenshots not showing the places were mention of source and licensing would be

#Mastodon was just mentioned in Slate

"'the platform is basically just a fork of Mastodon, the open-access software that allows users to make spinoff social media networks. Mastodon founder Eugen Rochko has said that he will be seeking legal counsel"

@huntra It absolutely can, since "objects you can clone around" is perfectly fine in FP (immutable data objects). What is distinctly OOP is objects with behavior and state built-in. IME, most gamedev happens in the context of frameworks, and OOP often makes the most sense in framework code. But I have also used OOP-based gamedev frameworks (like ) and coded all of _my_ implementation code in an FP way, writing OOP-style classes where required by the framework. This can be a good blend for this case.

native code coverage for has arrived with Kover and it looks like there is already integration with

@huntra I think most applications should be some blend of OOP and FP, using each where it makes the most sense, but so many projects are just 100% OOP making things much harder to reason about and abusing mutable state.

@huntra I think because it is SO overused / abused. I spent the first 7 or so year of my career doing pure OOP Java. When I started learning kotlin, I did so from an FP perspective, and learned it alongside a bunch of ex Scala and Haskell devs. What I learned was that OOP and FP have most of the same underlying principles. They are just a different framing: nouns (OOP) vs verbs (FP).

I finished my first of hopefully many microscale #legomoc of #chicago . This is Daley Center Tower / Plaza, complete with blue line tracks and station, pedway, and picasso sculpture :)

it's almost like centralized services are prone to having tons of single points of failure

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electron :blobcatangery: 

@foreverxml @be
I started working on a proper desktop client for signal before the electron one was even started by OWS. But there is no API documentation, and it turns out Moxie is openly hostile to 3rd party clients, so I abandoned it. a few months later, they posted a job listing for someone to build the electron client :smh:

Bumping this because holy crap seriously hire this man.


👋🏾 I'm looking for a new full time role as an application developer (back-end work) using Python and Rust. Familiar with frontend tools like Svelte and Preact. There's more info at Feel free to DM or e-mail (email plz).


I got a working #kotlin compiler built with #guix! If you recall, this is a dependency I need to build #gradle, the build system used by #android apps and many others.

Don't get too excited though, it's only the first of a very long bootstrap chain. That kotlin I built is from 2012, the last that did not require kotlin to build.

This is all thanks to the excellent work done by Emmanuel Bourg, at, on top of which I bootstrapped all other dependencies.

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