For each person willing to leave a company on an ethical grounds, there are at least 2 without the same scruples who will take their place, or without the privilege of being able to easily leave and find another job.

As we see with basecamp and coinbase, companies are more than happy to see people who might go against management's grain out the door. šŸ§µ


It is the right move for some, dep. on circumstances, but this will not change the company, and the next company might be just as unethical. In an industry where unethical practices are endemic, the logical conclusion is to leave the industry, with nothing changing.

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Another option is to organize with your coworkers to pressure management to stop this behavior. This is not feasible in many orgs, but in orgs where it is, it is important to draw a line and say "we will not just get a new job and pass the buck, but we will stay and fight".

Another option is to whistleblow and make these companies accountable to the public. This is not to be taken lightly. More info at:

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