@wakingrufus a cookie does not mean your data is collected. it means you are being tracked. cookies are text files, yes?

The way it is done here is not gdpr compliant, which is the biggest data collection / tracking policy our industry has at the moment, and compliance should be the bare minimum in this regard. Also, I would say tracking and collection are two sides of the same coin.

@wakingrufus by not clearly identifying the 2, loopholes will develop in policies. tracking often entails putting a property controlled by the tracker on a target and have that thing report only its state. collection is attaching to leech points to suck data usually unbeknownst to a target. the 2 are different.

@nergal I agree, but in practice, trackers are one of the most commonly used "leech points" for collection. Facebook abuses cookies to track your habits all over the web. This is why I think the issues are closely linked.

@wakingrufus very true. still differentiate them or not being able to tell the difference will bite us in future. lawyers love these misnomers and confusions. the trackers are used for collections. yet, what other ways are as capable to secure an http connection to a site? if we do away with using http in "secure" web, and instead use protocols like ssh and ...[what else is there?] cookies will serve no purpose.

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