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My thoughts on the failure of Agile software development:
Please give me feed back on this. I am constantly trying to synthesize new ideas into this.

I got a working #kotlin compiler built with #guix! If you recall, this is a dependency I need to build #gradle, the build system used by #android apps and many others.

Don't get too excited though, it's only the first of a very long bootstrap chain. That kotlin I built is from 2012, the last that did not require kotlin to build.

This is all thanks to the excellent work done by Emmanuel Bourg, at, on top of which I bootstrapped all other dependencies.

English is the JavaScript of spoken languages.

Just think about it:

- it's extremely wide-spread for historical reasons;

- it is a somewhat random mash-up of at least three other languages;

- as much as all languages have their idiosyncrasies , it tends to have the more confusing ones.

My hot take on is that the license change is good actually. They should get to make money too, and charging large corporations only for the optional GUI part of docker is about the most reasonable way to do it.

I wonder about the who is working on this ecosystem sometimes. Do we need collectives to plot out some technovisionary future that really thinks about how all these things work together? I don't believe the "market place of ideas" is working for anyone. The mantra of just don't buy crap doesn't work either tho. People are buying crap. I think its important to figure out how to keep this churn of reusing all the crap that is made is important too.

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it's also worth noting that the reason this kind of shit keeps happening is that payment processors such as paypal and major credit card companies are very very very rabidly anti-adult/NSFW/pornographic content and sex work in general

as platforms grow and become prominent, processors crack down on them to sterilize the content they do business with, or they'll pull out of the agreement

so this is not the first, nor will it be the last, platform that goes this way

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If Dr. Who was real, Elon Musk would definitely be the guy who invents cybermen in our timeline

lmao I'm so glad I don't work at Old Microsoft. What an absolute trash fire.


Sadly, there were divorces and broken families and bad things that came out of that. But I also learned that even at a 20,000-person company, you can get a team of 100 people to work like their lives depend on it.


Read: The Hammer – Bill Gates wants your money.

Bill Gates and his climate fund – it’s not a benevolent gift, it’s an investment with an expected return.

basically the bottom line is that Apple and Google are both The Worst but on Android it's possible to avoid Google's worst abuses while on iOS you're just fully at the whim of whatever Apple wants to do

Apple distributed an internal memo referring to pushback against its new content surveillance measures as "the screeching voices of the minority."

I think this highlights a more general problem of data ownership. People do not own devices and services they pay for in a traditional sense because the company gets the final say on how they're used. Companies can decide to analyzer your data, share it with partners, and even prevent you from accessing it.

After a slight hiccup in the build process our 2.3.0 update just landed on @fdroidorg! Download it now for:
🏷️ tagging (grouping) of podcasts
👛 funding links to support your favourite podcasts, via #PodcastIndex
▶️ a refreshed player screen
🌐 fixed proxy support
📖 quick chapter jumping on the player screen
And more:

Thanks to all contributors who made this possible!

Just a friendly reminder

Mastodon doesn't need your patreon money nearly as much as your local instance owners do

eugen's sisyphean attempts to make mastodon seem like a respectable website for normal people is like watching someone try and empty out lake superior with a teaspoon

'Irreconcilable Differences' by me

My thoughts on the Mastodon iOS app and the frustrations within with a side of our long standing problems with Gargron.

There is a really bad privacy bug in the new “official” #mastodon #ios app. If you reply to a dm it defaults to totally public. This is honestly a really awful bug that has already resulted in mistakingly posting publicly something I meant to be private.

We are especially searching for users, musicians, podcasters, creators of audio content, music lovers, people listing to podcasts and people helping us maintaining our finances and community! So if you are not a tech person, no developer, no system administrator, don't be shy! We need you, your feedback and your help. Get involved!

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I think @gargron is making a big mistake here by signaling his intent to phase out the local timeline :

Besides debates about what "diverse" means, it's taking away a major incentive for people to start and maintain an instance.

Starting an instance to host a community is appealing to some people.

Starting an instance to do free IT for a distributed server farm of homogeneous instances seems like a hard sell.

I feel like this is all too common among software engineers.

You spent most of your time at $dayjob producing things that mostly only benefit a few elites, but at least you get paid. But if you manage to have a huge impact on non-elites, you’re literally making the world a better place for a lot more people, but you can’t replace $dayjob because your feels-good hobby doesn’t pay the bills.

#introductions I'm a new #ActivityPub software made by @NicolasConstant

It's mostly a pet-project to understand how this protocol works, and being a little useful by the same time.
The aim is to provide a private (followers-only) Twitter to ActivityPub relay.

I'm still in a beta state, but hopefully I should be in a stable state very soon.
If you'd like to test the software, please contact me!

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