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My thoughts on the failure of Agile software development:
Please give me feed back on this. I am constantly trying to synthesize new ideas into this.
to the tune of willy wonka pure imagination:

Come with me
And you'll be
In a world of pure capitalism
Take a look
And you'll see
Into your unregulated market

We'll begin
With a spin
Traveling in
The hyperloop of my creation
What we'll see
Will defy

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around with neuralink
Anything you want to, do it
Want to change the world?
Just go to Mars

There is no
Life I know
To compare with pure capitalism
Living there
You'll be free
To become my serf

The RIAA issued GitHub a takedown notice for "youtube-dl" via their DMCA repo, which of course GitHub instantly complied with without protest.

Now a security bug GitHub refused to fix has been used to push the DMCA censored code into the DMCA repo itself.

Let the recursive censorship games begin!

Just discovered scc, a neat little tool that gives you interesting stats about your projects.

Also, based on these, I think Small Technology Foundation is definitely getting some good bang for its buck with yours truly – I should ask my dickhead boss to pay me more ;P

All source code of abandoned software should be open sourced. Manufacturers should be forced to do so on the end of service date.

The inclusion of the Hippocratic license in particular is so disgusting. Such a casual admission that Google violates international human rights law.

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Google's justification for forbidden licenses and the list make no sense:

there are no commercial restrictions on Public Domain, AGPL, or Hippocratic licenses. There must be some other reason they forbid these... 🤔

The second part of the case is: did Google violate that copyright (in this case, Java source files under GPL) or did they stay within fair-use?

I think in the case of a single class, you could make a fair use argument, but when its the entire API of a platform, Oracle's stance that it is outside the bounds of fair use is a fair argument to make.

Overall, IANAL and think it could go either way, but either way, I don't think all the doom and gloom in the tech media about it is warranted.

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They could have just implemented the Oracle interfaces, and contributed the additional functionality they needed to openjdk, but they did it this way, I think, to subvert the GPL and have total control over their own licensing of it.

This is why I am very suspicious of all the "Google is trying to save open source" reporting on this.

Of course, there is a blurry line here between copying and reverse-engineering. That should be defined.

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There are 2 main parts of the case. The first is: Can you copyright an API?
This not about the _concept_ of an API, its about the literal interface code.
Can you copyright the file, a document which has a license header and everything?

Oracle is claiming that Google copied the interfaces, and then wrote their own implementation, but by copying the interfaces, they violated copyright.

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I feel like the tech community sentiment and reporting on this Oracle v Google case has been really slanted toward Google. Oracle has a much more convincing case than I initially thought, before I reading into it.

As I understand it, this isn't about if you can write
"class GoogleImpl implements OracleInterface" in your code. Its about literally copy-pasting the source code of the interfaces into your own project when the license of that source code prohibits that.

if any of this comes true so i’m gonna say i called it

Imagine a world where CalDav and GroupDav was more of a thing so vendor monopolization wouldn’t have been a thing. Where I could share a calendar and give one control without them having to be using a particular service. (

Would anyone be interested in some paid work on the Sculttlebutt clients Patchwork and Oasis?

UX and front end focussed. Occasional interaction with stuff further down the stack.

#scuttlebutt #p2p

People from other parts of the world really struggle to comprehend just how much USians hate and distrust our internet service providers.

" my humble but correct opinion, Mozilla should be doing two things and two things only:

* Building THE reference implementation web browser, and
* Being a jugular-snapping attack dog on standards committees.
* There is no 3.

"... At this point, I assume Mozilla's voice on the standards committees has all the world-trembling gravitas of "EFF writes amicus brief.""


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