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I am working on a desktop app for Mastodon. Key goal is to have a seamless experience for multi accounts across multi instances. It is still in alpha stages. So far you can login with multi accounts, view the main 3 feeds, boost, favorite, and view notifications. Help would be greatly appreciated. I will be building out GitHub issues for all the features to get parity with the webapp. It is written in using the framework

#Fediverse: I created `Cloud Firewall` addon. Block connections to big 5 tech clouds based on IP address ranges they own. If a site/page/resource IP matches a bundled list of IP address ranges, it's blocked

It's not a hosts/filterlist type "ad tracker blocker".

It's "firewall" - looks at IP address of URL bar and 1p/3p resources.

Also listed on #HumaneTech Awesome list. #CloudFirewall #SurveillanceCapitalism #Cloud #Privacy #Security #Decentralization

Pics:🖥 📱

a list of jobs whose major responsibility is maintaining or developing open source projects

Found in #IRC:

"apparently people are getting around Chrome and Firefox telling everyone that non-HTTPS password fields are 'not secure' by just using regular text fields. they change the font on the text field to 'text-security-disc', which is apparently a font that exists of all bullets and looks just like traditional password fields."

How about instead of investing time and effort into schemes like these, you just ROLL OUT #HTTPS FOR FSCK'S SAKE!

#InfoSec #DevOps #SysAdmin

My best code is not the code where others go "wow, that's complex! however did you manage to write that?"

My best code is where others go "that's obvious, what's the big deal?"

In this way code resembles magic.

Proper agile software development makes a development team (not just the programmers, but every worker involved) more powerful relative to the enclosing structure of the organization.

This creates tension in a commercial context: an autonomous self-organized team 1) can use their proximity to the problem to solve it better, faster, and cheaper, which is obviously valuable; but 2) can better resist decisions imposed from above, which is a threat to the organization's control of its employees.

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Why do have most modern languages the types on the right? Short answer: because of type inference and appealing code style. Long answer: read this article 😎

Them: OMG react is so great! Just check out how simple jsx makes it to render interfaces!
Me: *squints* your weird html is wrong.
Them: it's not html! It's better!
Me: you've got a span wrapping a header tag right there.
Them: so?
Me: right, I get it now. is shutting down:

I'm not here to bash Google, I'm here to say:

Consider whether you actually need a URL shortener. Using them in any kind of long-lived document (or even a toot if you leave yours up) makes them more fragile.

There might be a need for them in some contexts where input is confined, or if you expect someone to have to type in the link manually, but overall they're best avoided if you don't specifically need them. Not only are they fragile, but they remove whatever information about where a link might lead that the URL would provide.

If a link is TOO long, consider cutting off all the UTM metadata or other tracking information that doesn't serve to locate the content.

Ok, so I have a tweet that's getting kind of popular on birbsite and I want to share the essence here too:

A guy tweeted that MySpace had lost all the music uploaded to it from 2003-2015. " An entire archive just... gone, forever."

So... this is your periodic reminder that uploading stuff to a website isn't an archive.

Lollypop 1.0 is out!
- Spotify/YouTube back from hell
- New application menu
- Many bug fixes

There's an obvious parallel with the leftist idea of ownership of the means of production. What is the means of production in the digital era? Its the computers, the networks, the devices and the software that runs on them.

Also @aral makes a good point about changing the success criteria. Success in a decentralized system means something different from success in the Silicon Valley startup frame.

The fastest and most efficient way to kill a software engineer's professional confidence: put them through the hiring process.

Move to E2E encryption for serious work-related discussions - also, if you don't want your employer spying on you #privacy

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