what do u use?

just recently found 0x0.st, check it out, it helps u script 4example sending files or url shortening. it allow u tu put files up to 512 MB in there. so 膷eck it out

whas betr

well, it seems like it's been a long while since i tooted something, just completely forgot i have mastodon


ok, so my mum isn鈥檛 sick from the coronavirus anymore!!! i am a bit sick but probably not cv coz i got different symptoms. my family has finally got rid of the disease

thinking 'bout getting a website. not posting my wanted domain so nobody steals it


ok, sorry for not updating you, but my tests (and the rest of close family except my mom) were all negative


It's official, my mom has coronavirus. Testing tomorrow

@paperbenni is making instantos, an arch based operating system for the desktop. check it out!


do u like chocolate?

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