I made an image for a future blog post explaining the Fediverse.

An SVG can be downloaded here:

It's free to use for everyone and for all purposes (public domain).

@vvv Thank you for sharing. It's beautiful.
@vvv Great graphic! Captures #activitypub accurately and lays out the network topology exactly as it works with #fediverse.Well done.

@vvv I like it. That said, it's also worth remembering that the Fediverse is more than just the ActivityPub protocol.

@atomicpoet Yes, it is, but that's not what im going to explain in Detail in blogpost ;)

@vvv I don't understand your image. The image on wikipedia is correct, your image has issues.

1. Platform Pleroma, Hubzilla, Misskey are missing

2. What are the triangles in the circles. The impression, that ervery platform (Mastodon, Friendica an so on) have their onwn inner network, is wrong.

To explain how #Fediverse works would be great - but please do it correctly. Thank you Oh, and where is Honk ... is not as cool as the others but useable with lynx in a terminal. Basically the idea is good todo something to explain that the Mastodon way of marketing is crap ... but it would be better to ask people what and how to write things. If the result is good, others could use it again instead all write again something.

@me Yes of course - so lets find good and correct articles about #Fediverse... @vvv For now we should give the chance to fix it (I mean, it is not up to us to judge or decide for others). Noone is perfect.

@me I saw this now several times: no sooner is someone in #Fediverse than he makes a tutorial.... a bit funny. @vvv

@me @Hiker

I think, your critique misses some points:

1.) There are far more platforms/services that implement ActivityPub than could ever be put into a single image without sacrificing legibility. That's why a lot of those are not displayed (apart from those you metioned there's also no GnuSocial, WriteFreely, Lemmy, Mobilizon, WordPress plugin etc etc etc either.). Btw. the image you posted misses some of those, too. They are meant to be represented by the unspecified part at the bottom. 1/x

@vvv Yes the image on Wikipedia is incomplete, but on your image there are missing still more details. Which sense? @me

@me @Hiker

2.) Every platform DOES have it's inner network in a way, even if it's implemented in ActivityPub, because currently no platform implements ALL features of ActivityPub, but those that are needed for the platform itself. Some might implement additional features, though (Pixelfed just recently added support for showing text posts from followed profiles, it didnt have that before) 2/x

@me @Hiker

3.) This image is part of a (not yet published) blog post meant to explain the Fediverse as an alternative to commercial platforms to folks that are not as tech-savy as you might be. So there's some simplification going on to better bring the point across.

4.) It's in Public Domain now, you are welcome to download, fix it and republish it as you like. Seriously, you start something and then others should jump on the train and finish or correct it ...

@me @Hiker

I laid out in my other comments, why I think that the image is correct for what I am trying to explain with it.

To iterate again: It's not meant to explain every aspect of the Fediverse, technical or otherwise.

I do not believe that a single image could do that.

It explains only a small subset of features or properties of the Fedivers in a simplified manner.

If you think that it is incorrect or unfit for your purposes, you can change it as you like.

@vvv To try to make it simple may be a good idea. But sometimes "simple" changes the things to incorrect and at the end to wrong. @me
@vvv Do make things "simple" is a good idea. But when this "simple" information looses to much important details, it turns to incorrect and wrong. @me We keep it as it is, Fediverse the Mastodon Network and Twitter aproved ☑️

@vvv There is already a good image on Wikipedia - I don't see why I should make an other one. @me


@Hiker @me @vvv

There is already a good microblogging platform with Mastodon in the Fediverse - I don't see why someone should use another one.

re: shitpost 

Seems you don't understand: We are talking about good and correct information.

re: shitpost 

@Hiker @me
You completely ignored my reasoning and didn't provide any argument that proves why your _interpretation_ of my image is more correct than mine.

Because it all comes down to this: the image certainly can be interpreted in several different ways.

For my blog post it will be accompanied with an explanation that provides some context for an interpetation, that you don't know yet in it's entirety, though I laid out some of it in my comments which you obviously chose to ignore.

re: shitpost 

@vvv As already said: The triangles in the cercels makes a very wrong interpretation. And it is not my image, it is the image on Wikipedia in the article about #Fediverse @me

re: shitpost 

@Hiker @me
How do you know the interpretation without the full context in my yet unpublished blog post?

But as you seem unwilling to acknowledge my arguments and for the sake of my sanity I will not take part in further discussions with you, sorry.

re: shitpost 

@vvv So you could explain to me what meaning these triangles have. And no, there is no Mastodon network - it's #Fediverse @me

re: shitpost 

@Hiker @me
I explained in hat the circles represent different platforms that implement parts of the ActivityPub protocol that are needed to federate with each other, but that they don't necessarly implement ALL features do make full federation/viewing of ALL data from other platforms possible.

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re: shitpost That is the side effect of publishing parts of some unpublished ...

re: shitpost 

@me I am in #Fediverse for 7 years now - and I hope nobody can distroy this genius idea of decentralisation. @vvv

re: shitpost 

@Hiker @me

Are you really pulling the "I've been here longer so you MUST be wrong" - card? 😂

Does anything in my image or my comments suggest, that I oppose decentralization?

Your comment shows that you're not interested in a constructive discussion but only in being right without acknowledging counter arguments. Instead you're leading the discussion away from it's original topic with false accusations.

@vvv a very good idea this Picture/Drawing but it looks in part as a Pentagram...🙄

@kranzkrone That's because of the chaotic nature of interconnected services in the Fediverse. It's secetly a ploy to summon demons. For example the demon named FreedomOfChoice 😉

@vvv Thank you so much, this is pretty cool and it will probably come in handy in the future.


Sorry :(

I had it in in the first draft, but ran into spacing problems. So given it's similarities to Mastodon I left it out to keep other platforms that are not microblogging platforms.

But it will be mentioned (and linked) in the blog post ;)

ola, um ancap pode habitar aqui tranquilamente?
hello, can an ancap live here peacefully? this instance

Ahh I guess that is a question for @lisbonjoker, as I'm hailing from and can't speak for :D

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