I hate it when they remove functionality from a crate that you used a lot and you have to switch to a different crate, rewriting half of your application, because the new crate has quite a different API.

No matter what code I write: I'm always amazed that actually works in the end.

Any recommendations for a terminal base mail client?

Requirements are:
- easily navigatable folder view
- not too many hard to remember key shortcuts
- easy forwarding, creation and moving (between folders) of emails
- doesn't distract with too many meta data that nobody reads anyway
- runs on Ubuntu 18.04

Despite having 20+ years of experience in professional software development I always feel like a fraud when listening to other devs or reading their toots or articles.

Video on pixelfed isn't great, the feature hasn't evolved as much as photos have.

We're changing that, a new video experience will be rolling out soon!

#pixelfed #video

Had to go grocery shopping. First time outside in a week. It was raining and too peoply. Didn't like it.

Irgendjemand in meiner Timeline Lust ein paar Monate bei mir im Startup an Linux Firmware zu arbeiten? Basierend auf Fedora IoT, rpm-ostree, containern auf einem Raspberry Pi Compute Module sowie einer Industrial Platine mit extra Treibern, Kernel-magie etc. Vorerfahrung mit Linux, Firmware, uboot, kernel, IoT-Geräten und am besten auch mit Shell-Scripts, Node.JS oder Python Erfahrung wäre wichtig! Themen sind Autom. Updates, Container-Deltas, RPM packages, uboot, Treiber, raw image builds...

Helped my wife setup her Wordpress blog. The theme she used is quite popular. But holy duck, finding the correct options that set colors for some of the elements took longer than writing additional CSS would have. Color settings were strewn all over the place, barely following any logical system...

I was today years old when I learned that in C++ I can use an initializer list as range expression in a range-based for loop. I always thought that I at least would have to provide a type for the collection. Compilers are getting quite good a infering types and intent, it seems. Here {1, 3, 5} is infered to be const int[3]. Awesome.

Recently I've been listening to the awesome Ultha _a lot_ while coding, as for some reason they help me getting into the flow quite well.


Currently my preferred git tool:
gitui, an awesome terminal client written in rust.


politics, german, satire 

Friedrich Merz, der Stannis Baratheon der deutschen Politik.

Will König aller Königslande werden, scheitert immer wieder, und eigentlich mag ihn niemand.

12/ I am aware of all of the very legitimate criticisms of #Signal. They are real and they are why I am excited that there are so many alternatives with promise, some of which I use actively. Let us technical people use, debug, contribute, and evangelize the alternatives.

And while we're doing that, tell Grandma to contact us on Signal.


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11/ So #Signal gives people: dead-simple setup, store-and-forward delivery, encrypted everything, encrypted voice/video calls, ability to send photos/video encrypted. If you are going to tell someone "it's so EASY to get your texts away from Facebook and AT&T", THIS IS THE THING you've got to point them to. It may not be in 2 years, but for now, it is. Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. It advances the status quo without harming usability, which nothing else does yet.

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10/ Some of those same limitations apply to most of the alternatives also. Either that, or they are encryption-optional, or terribly hard to set up and use. Just today, I boosted a post about #Status, which shows a ton of promise also. But it's got no voice or video calling capabilities. How about #Scuttlebutt? Fantastic protocol, extremely difficult onboarding (lengthy process, error-prone finding a sub, multi-GB initial download, etc)

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9/ What about some of the other options out there? #Briar is fantastic and its offline options are novel and promising. But in common usage, it can't deliver a message unless both devices are online simultaneously, and doesn't run on iOS (though both are being worked on). It also can't send photos or do voice or video calling.

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8/ Again, I LOVE #Matrix. I use it every day to interact with Matrix, IRC, Slack, and Discord channels. It has a TON of promise. But would I count on it to carry a "my car's broken down and I'm stranded" message? No.

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