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I made an image for a future blog post explaining the Fediverse.

An SVG can be downloaded here:

It's free to use for everyone and for all purposes (public domain).

Setting up my Linux work environment for the third time in just as many weeks due to hardware failures and temporary/replacement notebooks I wonder if there are any efforts made to have application settings saved in a consistent way, not counting full system backups, which don't help much if you're switching distros or distro major versions.

Some applications save their settings to the .config directory, others save them all over the place.

Why isn't there a portable settings container of some kind?

It seems that Lenovo nowadays invests more in the thin-and-light lifestyle market than in the ThinkPads reputation for reliability.

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At work we've been using ThinkPads exclusively for a decade, because they had the reputation of being robust and reliable workhorses.

Last week my 4 months old (the third one I've used over the years) refused to boot, it doesn't even load the BIOS.

This adds to a recent (last 2 years) streak of ThinkPads breaking down completely or show problems, mostly related to heat dissipation problems or firmware failures. About 15% of ThinkPads in the company somehow failed within the first year.

I made an image for a future blog post explaining the Fediverse.

An SVG can be downloaded here:

It's free to use for everyone and for all purposes (public domain).

🤔 Wenn Elon #Musk jetzt noch #Microsoft kauft, könnte das der Durchbruch für #linux auf dem Desktop sein :awesome:

Looking for #Rust #Developers in my region.
Region is #Braunschweig/#Wolfsburg/#Hannover.

remote also okay. We prefer hybrid but that's negotiable.
Some of us don't speak good english so perhaps german speakers are "somewhat" more compatible with us.

Come aboard my pirate crew! We need to automate things and fuck with investors. And we need to obsess over the fire extinguisher expiration date.

#Rust #Jobs #Job #Hiring #jetbrains #linux

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I rewrote my personal blog server to switch it from a site with short notes/entries saved as markdown files to a site with longer articles saved as markdown text in a database, with a design that aims to ensure maximum readability.

Everything is implemented using , it generates pages that only consist of HTML with some CSS, no JavaScript, no server side PHP. The code is probably pretty bad though, as I'm still not that familiar with Rust.

But the hardest part now is coming up with content... 😅

Woke up to snow after we had 19°C last Monday. There's more snow than we had in all of the winter before.

Maybe its better to ask in English.
Do you know any source where I can buy an English #ebook without #DRM? I this case I want the books of the #TheExpanse series.
I know that I could liberate books that have DRM but I want a good source without the need for this.

If you like, please boost :boost_ok:

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I seems you can't get an affordable and still decent phone with a screen size of less than 6 inches anymore (maybe apart from Apple phones, but those are a no-go). 😞

I spoke too soon. the camera lens is 'blind' from water drops, the phone doesn't register gestures in the lower part of the screen anymore (so no 'back', 'homescreen' etc), the phone inists on shutting down the USB port and it turns off after a few minutes. Additionally it just started to show green stripes across the screen.

I guess, it's f...ed up.

And again I see how much I depend on a working smartphone. 😒

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I managed to dunk my phone into ... water (don't ask). 🤦‍♂️
Thankfully it still seems to function normally despite having been submerged completely.

We hope everyone had a happy holiday!

A few days ago we released the Metro UI 2.0 beta, now we want your feedback!

Please reply to this post with your feedback and we'll do our best to incorporate them! #pixelfed #metroUI

Our Christmas tradition: watching all of the "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" movies.

I didn't say it was an old tradition, did I? 😁

I wonder, how licenses are managed in projects, especially those from dependencies. IIRC most licenses required that you state the packages and licenses you used. Is there a way to get that automatically somehow, like a file that is created when building the project?

I don't invite tall people into my apartment anymore, because they make it look small.

Only 10 #activityPub projects have more than 10k users.

Most new projects struggle with getting attention and visibility.

I think bigger projects should play a more pro-active role in acknowledging, and if possible, mentoring new/smaller projects.

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