We hope everyone had a happy holiday!

A few days ago we released the Metro UI 2.0 beta, now we want your feedback!

Please reply to this post with your feedback and we'll do our best to incorporate them! #pixelfed #metroUI

Our Christmas tradition: watching all of the "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" movies.

I didn't say it was an old tradition, did I? 😁

I wonder, how licenses are managed in projects, especially those from dependencies. IIRC most licenses required that you state the packages and licenses you used. Is there a way to get that automatically somehow, like a file that is created when building the project?

I don't invite tall people into my apartment anymore, because they make it look small.

Only 10 #activityPub projects have more than 10k users.

Most new projects struggle with getting attention and visibility.

I think bigger projects should play a more pro-active role in acknowledging, and if possible, mentoring new/smaller projects.

We're redesigning profiles and want your feedback! Let us know what you think about this design and how we can improve it.

Boosts + feedback are greatly appreciated, the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact, and we are forever grateful for people like you! ❤️

#pixelfed #pixeldev #feedbackWanted #activitypub


No matter where you create an account on the internet, you inadvertently are subscribed to a newsletter (or several) of the service that you don't want, and all without even being informed about it.

Newsletters should be mandatory opt-in, not opt-out.

Stop stealing my time with your bullshit, you fucking idiots.

I've been using on my laptop for years with DEs like , then , then , then . But I was slightly annoyed all the time because there was so much bloat, usability blunders and 'features' that IMHO were pure waste of space and time.

So I decided to jump ship and installed , a new-ish Arch-based minimal distro with the WM. It's not perfect (yet) but already feels much better because it fits my requirements and workflows better than the DEs above.

depol, bureaucracy 

Einerseits sehr lustig anzusehen, andererseits wieder einmal ein trauriges Beispiel dafür, wie sehr hier Vorgänge, die in anderen Ländern digitalisiert 2 min dauern, zu einem kafkaesken Bürokratiealptraum mutieren können.


What I like most about Mastodon is the fact, that I learn so many interesting things from the discussions/comments to posts that mostly just ask a simple question. And all that without the drama and name calling that inevitably happens in other social networks.

Streisand do your thing ;)

RT @starcaztle@twitter.com

Die Stadt Kiel hat ernsthaft 1 Tag vor der Eröffnung eine Installation von "Rocco & his Brothers" verboten(!), auf der u.a. Maaßen & Laschet auf einer "rechten Welle" aus AFD-Plakaten surfen.

Vielleicht kann kann man das ja trotzdem verbreiten.


If you could work on any problem or project, and money were no object, what would that be?

That could be a personal project, a global one, local, some interest, whatevs.

Reshares welcomed.


german, german politics 

Wie kann eine einzige Regierung(spartei) in so kurzer Zeit nur so viele Dinge (Mautdesaster, Corona-Masken/-Impfstoffe/ -Schulkonzept/-Hilfen, Katastrophenschutz, afghanische Ortskräfte) so komplett verkacken???

... und dann in Umfragen trotzdem noch so gut dastehen?

(Das ist eine rhetorische Frage, für die ich die Antwort schon kenne bzw. keine brauche. Ich verzweifle einfach nur gerade wieder einmal an der Menschheit im Allgemeinen und an den Deutschen im Besonderen).

After turning 4 years old and hunting moths, gnats and bugs all her life my cat suddenly became afraid of ... *badummtssss* ... flies! 🤨

For some reason I have been unable to get the words "combat wombat" out of my mind for 3 days now... 😆

On my Linux server I'd like to sync/backup a few directories to an external storage space mounted via NFS to /mnt/storagespace/. I'd also like to keep the traffic low, so only deltas/diffs should be synced.

What would be a good way to do that? Writing some script that syncs the directories using 'rsync' and calling it from a cron job?

Or is there some other good backup/sync solution thats does that with less/more flexible setup work?

First day at the office after half a year of working from home. Feels weird...

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