Vodo.net is a great idea; use #BitTorrent to distribute indie movies, docos, and series, much of it #CC licensed, and collect $ for creators
Problem is #Vodo is styled like an illegal download site, with almost no up-to-date information about the project or the people behind it.
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Is the JS Vodo runs in my browser free code? Who knows? Are they going to use #WebTorrent to stream video via BitTorrent as well? Who knows?
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Does Vodo have a blog for news about the project? Where? How do I contact their developers? Lacking all this, the site seems so ... amateur
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Don't get me wrong, amateur stuff is great, it's how people learn skills, gain experience, and most importantly, participate in culture ...
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... but if you're competing with entrenched #BigMedia, trying to prove a whole new video funding model, looking amateur won't fly Vodo
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@vorticalbox have you looked into how well #WebTorrent works on mobile devices? Hang on, when you say scale, are you talking page layout?

@strypey 100% the layout. Not really any excuses for not have a reactive layout.

once I have time I'll have a look on my desktop

@vorticalbox it's no better. I suspect these folks need some hackers and designers to help them bring Vodo.net into the 21st century ;)
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