I still can't shake the feeling that React got popular with developers because it's hard to understand, and that a lot of devs hate writing html and css THAT much.

I have been eyeing off Arch, I'll look into the ones you mentioned, thank you.

Every time I see #GDPR I read it as German Democratic People's Republic

It irks me when people try to prosecute internet wrongings via the Court of Public Internet.

Instance admins: If you have an issue with another instance, take the convo to DM/email and work it out. Dragging people through the public mud isn't needed, and it's quite frankly, tasteless. We're better than that.

> be stressed because oral presentation soon
> one of the member of the jury is a cutie friend
> She's playing all subby and lewd a few hours before the oral just to fuck with you (figuratively)

Now that's advanced lewd trolling.

having to explain to someone the index.php?password=pass is a bad idea...

I just bought the Humble Strategy Bundle!

It has the new Tooth and Tail game, and also some old classics like the Empire: Total War collection!

Check it out! And if you use this link and make a purchase you can also support me and @Loa in our adventures, as well as support a charity!


#humblebundle #sellout #ad #charity

Finally got around to giving the post-apocalypse #firefox a try. And it has this sandboxing feature where certain tabs can be opened in their own little spaces. This is tremendously useful to someone like me, who has a baker's dozen online profiles in regular use. With this feature I can access them all simultaneously in the same browser and that is so goddamn handy.

If you didn't desire me,
My world could never feel more surreal
'Cus its only you can touch me deep enough to heal
N' if you didn't inspire me,
Then on my knees I would fall like rain.
'Cus its only you can calm me, with your touch,
Your voice so softly whispering.

only a week till my holiday, it will be great not having to code lamdas for a week.

This is amazing, we evolved the alphabet from pictograms to highly stylized characters to letters and now we're going full circle by incorporating emojis such as 🐂 that thousands of years earlier became "a" and 🐟 that became "d"

When you forget to stringy your json and get

{error: [object][object]}

my Twitter bot is find more and more Facebook news and the more I read what it finds the more I'm glad I deleted my profile.

I wish g+ took off because that was actually very nice while I used it

hoping to get the serverless API finished today so that I can write some tests and have it signed off.

@vorticalbox it's no better. I suspect these folks need some hackers and designers to help them bring Vodo.net into the 21st century ;)
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