“Do you want society to be like modern Denmark, with its high taxes, strong social safety net, and extensive worker protections, or like America in the Gilded Age, when laissez-faire ruled?” buff.ly/2SSNKUH

How to make sense of the latest tech surge
from The Economist

Maybe it says more than most people like to admit about our lack of interest in privacy that in this installation “Zoom Pavillion” everybody is most concerned with actually being found and seen by the instagram.com/p/B86RglOB2nw/?i

Wish it had an English translation 🤓@jonaskasperj@twitter.com @ Mori Art Museum 森美術館 instagram.com/p/B86QSnTBu_l/?i

Norwegians trust Danes: Analysts’ stock recommendations are coloured by their cultural biases
from The Economist

Why We're Advocating for a Cautious Approach to Copyright and Artificial Intelligence - Creative Commons buff.ly/2vRcXps

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Kun hver 5. elev/studerende møder i undervisningen. Vores mål er, at entreprenørskab skal være en naturlig del af undervisningen på alle uddannelsesniveauer. Ny strategi på vej ”Entreprenørskab for alle – evner til at skabe, forandre og gøre en forskel”

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William Gibson — the prophet of cyberspace talks AI and climate collapse

Online Harms: UK Government publishes response to consultation on proposals for internet regulation - mediawrites.law buff.ly/2SRVGUU

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The French government has issued a draft text for transposing the European Electronic Communications Code into French law. @WillyMikalef@twitter.com gives an overview of the key developments in our Connected newsletter. Click here: 2bird.ly/2SHk5fI

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