News organizations are engaging more proactively in open-source journalism to rebuild trust in news media

Forget “A Christmas Carol”—“The Dead” is the greatest Christmas story

Big Tech takes aim at the low-profit retail-banking industry
from The Economist

Too much management research is clear as mud
from The Economist

Denmark wants to break up ethnic enclaves. What is wrong with them?
from The Economist

In Sweden, billionaires are surprisingly popular
from The Economist

Economists are rethinking the numbers on inequality
from The Economist

US Air Force Says They’re Developing An Open Source Jet Engine; We Say Show Us The Design

Song of the Day: Steely Dan - "Black Friday" - JAZZIZ Magazine

Office of Lost Moments | Antonio Muñoz Molina |

Stolt advokat for


"Det er kunst, som kan andet end at hænge over din sofa."

Jeg mødte det danske kunstnerkollektiv Superflex som ikke kun har opnået gazellestatus. Superflex har markeret sig på et marked, hvor det vigtigste succeskriterie ikke er at tjene penge, men at flytte folks tankegange.


Nordic Fintech and AI startups looking to expand into China? Take part in the China & Europe Cooperation Entrepreneurs Roadshow December 16th & 17th in Shanghai Contact

A Language of Figs | Sema Kaygusuz | Magazine

Three-course professional specialization aims to close the gap between the use and understanding of open source in business

Goldman Sachs is planning on giving some of its most valuable software to Wall Street for free

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