Five reasons to live in Berkeley, California | FT Property Listings

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young — how ego and petulance ruptured folk rock’s definitive supergroup

The horror, the horror: Where is Kigali? | Lindsey Hilsum |

Hindsgavl Festival Dänemark: Schlupfloch ins richtige Leben Thanks to Bernard Villaume

The horror, the horror! 😢 Killings in Congo’s north-east spark fears of a return to war
from The Economist

Merkel, Liikanen and Vestager would also be my dream team! “Too Nordic, no French, no southerners. ” Is that at problem? No, this is clearly an advantage.

Identity policies and minority rights 2: Israel’s ultraorthodox fight to retain military service exemption

Identity policies and minority rights 1: New York minister helps furriers save their skin

“21 juni 2020 er blockchain (hvad så end “blockchain” nærmere måtte betyde?) en bredt anvendt teknologi” er en temmelig vild påstand. Ligeså vild som påstanden om, at skulle være Danmarks eneste globale advokatvirksomhed.

Opinion | The Real Reason for Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency

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