"Decentralization and the Common Good: A Conversation with Andy Smarick" fra Liberty Law Talk af Liberty Fund på Apple Podcasts buff.ly/2Ji92Zb

Sorry, but this interview only confirms me in all my prejudices about the superficiality and intellectual insignificance of fabricated pop culture icons: “Victoria Beckham: ‘Love or hate us, we work really hard’”

Talking IT and telecommunication policy with @jakobwiller, CEO of Telecommunication Industry Association Denmark

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Tessellate: launched today! Insights & complimentary workshops on how is affecting & organisations. Read our first article and register your interest for a workshop here: 2bird.ly/2FaBN62

🐦🔗: twitter.com/twobirdsmedia/stat

This is sickening but not surprising news: US accuses rich parents of bribing colleges over admissions

Ny bog: Den globale kapitalisme får æren for alt for mange dårligdomme buff.ly/2u2cdcR

Now I am an happier @Flickr user: “Big Flickr Announcement: All CC-licensed images will be protected - Creative Commons” buff.ly/2CchQtE

Great talk by @jhagel at by @DeloitteDanmark: “Everything is going to change”. Except of course that consultants will continue to say in the beginning of their talks that everything is going to change 😎 @TwobirdsDK

First step in “reimagine everything” at by @DeloitteDigital: Stop using the word “disruption”. It is so unimaginative 😎 @TwobirdsDK

Lessons for ! Toronto tech: why Canada is attracting the ‘best’ people

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