This shark fought off a deep-sea squid, first-ever picture reveals

The Business of . How do you build a business around open source when you’re competing with AWS and the like? Chef’s answer: double down on Open Source.

Recent acquisition: Beautiful watercolour “Unknown Bird”, 2018 by Alba Enström

From Tunis to Minneapolis—and Beyond—Social Media Keeps Us Connected

How to Disguise Racism and Oligarchy: Use Economics: James McGill Buchanan is a name you will rarely hear unless you’ve taken several classes in economics.

JAZZIZ Essentials: A Short History of John Coltrane’s “Alabama” (VIDEO)

SMART GAME FOR SMARTPHONES:Slay the Spire, the decade’s best deckbuilding game, coming to iOS in June.Android version also teased; exact June release date for $10 game coming soon.

Surveillance Self-Defense: Attending Protests in the Age of COVID-19

In praise of aphorisms. What if we see the history of not as a grand system of sustained critique but as a series of brilliant fragments?

Charting a Course for 2020 and Beyond. This is an interesting time for

Leveraging OER for COVID-19 Response Efforts and Long-Term International Partnerships

Uncle Hugo’s Bookstore in Minneapolis Burned Down During Riots, GoFundMe Open (Now Paused)

Open source sustainability: It's complicated! Those proposing easy answers for how to pay for more open source code to be written clearly aren't talking to the founders of these projects.

China's Tencent to order ONE MILLION SERVERS as part of $70bn digital infrastructure splurge

How Many People Did it Take to Build the Great Pyramid?

How Big Tech Monopolies Distort Our Public Discourse

COVID-19: FCA Consults On Safeguarding Guidance For PSPs And EMIs

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