Denmark offers homeowners 20-year loans at a fixed interest rate of zero

Saving video gaming’s source code treasures before it’s too late

Court says Uber can’t hold users to terms they probably didn’t read

The Anti-Rational Woke Meme - Areo

What’s Entering the Public Domain in 2021: The Great Gatsby & Mrs. Dalloway, Music by Irving Berlin & Duke Ellington, Comedies by Buster Keaton, and More

Mapped: The Top Surveillance Cities Worldwide

The Weirdest People in the World review – a theory-of-everything study

Return of the SPAC: They’re Back and Bigger than Ever

As Uncle Sam continues to clamp down on Big Tech, Apple pelted with more and more complaints from third-party App Store devs

30 Years Since the Human Genome Project Began, What’s Next?

Yamaha’s DX7 synthesiser changed modern music

What’s right with Erasmus? - Column - Mary Beard: A Don’s life - TLS

Bad language: why being bilingual makes swearing easier

People all over the world watch “Dinner for One” on New Year’s Eve

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