Listening to David Dencker, ex-Muuse, now co-founder Grant Compass (Legathåndbogen), on digitization of foundation administration and lowering their today exorbitant asset management cost @ Klub

Panel on “Scaling Culture” with with Dan Hynes as moderator. @ Admiral Gjeddes Gaard

Panel on “Scaling Culture” with larsfloenielsen with Dan Hynes as moderator. byfounders atomico @ Admiral Gjeddes Gaard

Man ved at man er blevet gammel og respektabel, når man optages i Blå Bog. Og det er jo ok at være blevet ældre og respektabilitet er ikke at foragte. Men jeg er faktisk mest stolt af, at jeg ikke er placeret i…

Are we entering a new age of musical nationalism? - Rhinegold

Longing for Paradise : Albrecht Mayer, Strauss Oboe Concerto

Getting ready for today in proud sponsor @ Den Sorte Diamant - Det Kgl. Bibliotek

Riding alone in a car is a luxury—an increasingly unaffordable one
from The Economist

When you have options, volatility is your friend
from The Economist

What Caster Semenya’s case means for women’s sport
from The Economist

Satire skal udfordre og provokere, og ikke bekræfte læseren i sine forudtagethed @ Pizzeria La Fiorita

Monet’s ‘Haystack’ sells under the hammer for record $110.7m

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