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I posted something on the tweeterbox about COVID testing and as a result I’m currently being mansplained.

Just to be clear, I do have a penis. I already know everything. /s

[Climbs out of Windows 11]

"Oh hey, you're back early, are you..."

NTFS is haunted.

"You... what?"

[cocks shotgun, climbs back into Windows 11]

NTFS is haunted.

Raise your hand if you’ve NOT had COVID.

Sometime I feel like the only one. 🙋‍♂️

Do you ever think about how our Sun is just about middle aged? It’s in the ballpark of 4.5byo, and it’ll look like the Cat’s Eye nebula in another 5by. It’s so weird to think of something so permanent being actually quite a ways along its journey 😟

My seven year old’s critique of my parenting/lifestyle:

- “you take too many naps” (guilty)
- “you never play Minecraft with us” (never mind running multiple server instances for a small computer lab for them to use)


Elon just now finding out that he can pull out.


Elon officially trying to back out of buying Twitter.

What if this is the best possible timeline and all the other ones are even more terrible?

I’m just going to try not caring anymore about … all the things … and see how that works, because so far caring isn’t going so well.

were about to see how cheap Nvidia GPUs can become TL;DR, Nvidia made plans based on crypto boom, crypto boom is over, they asked TSMC if they could not buy all the wafers TSMC said "I see no reason to let you modify our contract"

I like political drama a lot more when it’s not my country.

When I am President, I will direct the Department of Justice to immediately break up any company the moment it decides it is large enough to need its own custom-designed font

There are people in the world who will not be happy before every single flat surface in the world is nascarized and monetized, who will not rest until unadorned surfaces free of hypertargeted psychic poison are the sole purview of the wealthy.

“A protest planned by hundreds of bank depositors in central China seeking access to their frozen funds has been thwarted because the authorities have turned their health code apps red, several depositors told Reuters.”

Isn’t “smart tech” just wonderful? :)

#tech #dystopia #surveillance

Via @didek

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