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Friendly reminder: if you need to plan something with many people, then don't do it on public social media.

Use Signal. Use ToR.

The bright side of the weekend is we are currently at the heath department getting our 10 month-old and three year-old vaccinated for COVID 💉

You know in hindsight, maybe letting nine unelected lawyers in black robes decide what rights we have, based on their interpretation of what a bunch of guys in white wigs (many of who were totally cool with owning other people) wrote down two centuries ago, isn’t such a great system. 🤔

Both acute and chronic stress can cause or exacerbate soreness and pain in the body. This is because one of the responses to stress is an involuntary increase in muscle tension, which in turn can lead to injury.

For best results, always stretch and warm up before experiencing a distressing or traumatic situation.

bOtH pArTiEs ArE jUsT aS bAd aS eAcH oThEr

Yeah democrats have a lot of their own problems and the two party system itself is arguably a problem and blah blah blah.

But seriously, with respect, shut the fuck up.

What if we had a legislature, let's say it's bicameral, that wrote and passed laws in order to govern the country? Our current system of using a tribunal nonet to make laws isn't working.


This week alone:

The U.S. Supreme Court made it easier to own a gun, gave cops the ability to not read Miranda Rights, gave religious schools public funding, and overturned Roe v Wade after 50 years of precedence.

I tried looking for a black male Commander from The Handmaid’s Tale, but for SOME REASON they don’t seem to exist.

I guess that makes us slightly more progressive than Gilead.

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Look, cryptocurrency folks, an NFT conference has arranged for a) a Snoop Dogg lookalike to prowl the floor and b) a rapper who is not the Snoop Dogg you know but who calls himself "Snoop Dogg" to perform raps there, all so they can say "look, Snoop Dogg was performing here, see?".

If this is not on-the-nose telling you "we are perpetrating fraud and we want you to be the victim" for you, what will be?

What's wrong with (modern) computing?

- Computers spy on us all the time
- Computers are insecure, while pretending not to to be.
- Computers enable new modes of rent seeking, further exasperated by shitty patents and worse laws
- Computers/the modern internet encourage behaviors which are bad for our mental health as individuals.
- Computers and the modern internet, in concert with modern capitalism have built a world essentially without public spaces.

You know, all that bullshit.

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Important: there was a Barbie Dream Supercomputer in the 60s

Our vacation house for the week appears to be just a few feet outside of T-Mobile range.

But fear not, there’s crappy Wi-Fi. :loading:

Juneteenth a federal holiday, that feels good, but I want to take a moment to remind everyone that every day should be a day we think about this history, and let it inform us to become a more equitable society.

We should totally let people put their 401k into cryptocurrencies. 🥴

Maybe I'm too online but every time a normal-seeming person tells me they're involved in crypto it throws me a little bit, like if they just casually mentioned they bet on underground dog fights

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