I pretty much made up my mind that next year I'll move out of Sydney and look to go back into a "pure" dev role. I'm worried that having worked a whole year in a mainly support and salesforce admin role will hurt my chances, but I'll have to convince recruiters I can be a dev.
Considering in my last dev role I burned out in less than 6 months I'm a bit scared at this idea, I'm really scared to fall in another hellish company.

"Can I ask you about the plotter?"
"I don't know anything about the plotter, but you can ask"
"It's not working"
"Okay, how is it not working? Is there an error?"
"Uuh, yeah, it says it's out of paper"
"...Maybe it's out of paper, then"

I swear, I wish I was making these things up.

Are there interesting Goodreads alternatives for managing a book library?

This is a new low: a guy at work asked me if I was named after the Godfather. I must've shot him a look, because he immediately looked sorry and embarrassed. My answers was "Of course not", and I barely managed to refrain from adding "What kind of question is that?"

I'm so so sick of people at work being so clueless.

I don't want to be the guy at work who labels his stuff, so I asked my coworker to label my USB cable for me. Surprisingly, they did it.

Last night I had a nightmare: I was back at my old company, a shitty place that pretended to be a startup by trying to emulate shitty startup culture. On the first day back, in my dream, they gave me a tacky t-shirt that I had to wear at all times while working there.
I woke up in sweat and I didn't dare go back to sleep.

Fun fact: the house I grew up in can be seen in the cover image of that article.

Interesting NYT article about my hometown and region. It's too heavy on the "this is such a simple life" side, but it otherwise feels like a good picture:


Every time I write a PowerShell script they end up looking c-sharpy. I feel like there are better tools to achieve what I want, but I rely on my old knowledge instead.

When my friend told me he found several ads for rails developers: imgur.com/r/preggit/4a30rIb

Friend: "So, what's up this weekend?"
Me: "Oh, I'm going to a concert"
"Yeah? Who's playing?"
"Bless you"

I work for an architecture firm, and each month we have a "jobfest" where a team presents their projects, drawings, etc., to the whole office. I like to think one day I'll just go up there and start talking about my projects and their architecture: the data layer, the MVC pattern, the repositories, and microservices.
It'd be funny only for me, though.

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I’d tell you a Fibonacci joke, but it’s probably as bad as the last two you’ve heard combined.

Switched to Fedora a few weeks ago, I'm fighting the urge to alias apt to dnf (I know I'll never learn if I do). I never ever ever remember it and I keep having to look up "fedora yum replacement" every couple of days.
I had to look it up to write this toot.

I'm so proud of my users! One of them had an issue with their monitor's power, so they checked the cable and plugged it in properly all by themselves!

Lol jk, they worked with a flickering monitor for TWO DAYS then they angrily called me, so I went upstairs and "fixed it" by plugging in the power cord that came loose.

A recruiter sent me a one line email, last night, for a job I inquired about in April. April 2016. Back than I was studying and looking for a part time job.
His email was "Are you still looking for a job?". My reply was: "Nope"

Yesterday I finally set up SSH certificates for my home server, this morning I already forgot the passphrase for my private key on my work computer.
"I don't have time to write it down in my password manager right now, I'll definitely remember this forever!" I told myself yesterday.

I keep unintentionally making myself super busy, followed by periods where I don't want to see anyone. This week I have two concerts, one art bar exhibition (I don't even know what it is, I literally bought a ticket by accident), one cinema night, and one planned night for rock climbing.

Next week I'll probably not talk to anyone and spend every single night on my couch.

Just bought a new Raspberry PI Zero W, after my last one stopped working after being knocked on the floor. I will need to be more careful with its placement this time around..

My actual response to the restaurant that asked me to send them a scan of my credit card to confirm my booking:

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