Recent episode of FLOSS weekly has Dan Lynch and Fabian Scherschel as guests (of Linux Outlaws podcast). Was a long time listener of the show!

FLOSS Weekly 492: The Legacy of Linux Outlaws

Noticed it just now: Firefox now includes an option to hide system title bars. Nice!

3 open source alternatives to Adobe Lightroom

Using Darktable already. Haven't heard about LightZone until now.

Live preview sphinx documentation using watchdog and browser-sync

Install watchdog (pip) and browser-sync (npm).

Then run:


( ->

Open a new terminal and run:

browser-sync start -s build/html -f "build/html/*.html"

Modify an rst file and save it. Live preview should update.

BioVM is a virtual machine for Bioinformatics. Based on Ubuntu MATE, it includes pre-installed and pre-configured software for Bioinformatics work. The virtual machine is distributed as an OVA format appliance and can be opened with VirtualBox.

Project page:




Built using VirtualBox, Vagrant, Ansible on Ubuntu 18.04 b2 :)

Odyssey Music Player (Music player optimized for speed and simplicity? - Indeed.) -

What I use now. Works well!

Calver - a software versioning convention based on calendar dates

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