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Lessons from the recent ProtonMail news: No, they don’t read your email. If you’re concerned about your privacy, use a VPN. If you’re breaking the law, you’ll get caught. (

If you rely on a service that stubbornly only offers SMS codes as multifactor authentication, don’t use your real cell number (the one attached to your SIM) which is typically secured from account takeover with not much more than a short PIN.

Instead, use a VOIP option like a Google Voice number that is attached to an account where you can enable MFA with an app or security key. (

The newest hydra link checker features improved validation and tag handling at the cost of a small change if you use a configuration file. Please update your commands to pass the configuration file name with the –config parameter. (

When you look at a project you haven’t laid eyes on in months and immediately spot a bunch of things you could fix…

That’s a good thing! You’ve improved! 😃 (

If you’re a reader of mine, which of my articles stands out as being the most helpful to you? (

If you’re a reader of mine, which of my articles stands out as being the most helpful to you? (

In order of preference:
@GrapheneOS on a new Pixel
@LineageOS on almost any other Android, including older models
A Linux phone (not everything will work)
I would be skeptical of the bevy of new “pre-made privacy phones” that are going to pop up in the wake of current events. At best, it’s just an Android phone that someone bought and installed Graphene or Lineage on before selling it to you. (Installation isn’t very hard, and there are step-by-step instructions you can…

Success metrics for your repository!
I wrote a Python thing to help you grab issue data from your repository and a quick guide on how to use Pandas to start analyzing it.

A starter repository of Django best practices
I put all my Django best practices and developer tools into a starter repo so you can start building a new project today:
I’ve written about using Django efficiently, how to use migrations, increasing confidence with tests, and time-saving development processes. You can find all that here:

Privacy-respecting phones are the new Apple. I break down your Linux phone options, , and @GrapheneOS in this post. 👇

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