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Success metrics for your repository!
I wrote a Python thing to help you grab issue data from your repository and a quick guide on how to use Pandas to start analyzing it.

A starter repository of Django best practices
I put all my Django best practices and developer tools into a starter repo so you can start building a new project today:
I’ve written about using Django efficiently, how to use migrations, increasing confidence with tests, and time-saving development processes. You can find all that here:

Privacy-respecting phones are the new Apple. I break down your Linux phone options, , and @GrapheneOS in this post. 👇

You don’t practice privacy because you have something to hide. You practice privacy because you have something to lose. (

Love this little trick from @victoria to get self documenting makefiles.

As a bonus I took a look at why we use .PHONY in makefiles: to ensure commands run even in the presence of a file of the same name as the command.

Good morning. Everything you do matters. Make sure what you do matters in a good way. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

Whenever I dig back into the fundamentals of computing, I’m once again pleasantly surprised at how often the concepts help to grow everyday-life problem solving skills. (

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