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Privacy-respecting phones are the new Apple. I break down your Linux phone options, , and @GrapheneOS in this post. 👇

You don’t practice privacy because you have something to hide. You practice privacy because you have something to lose. (

Love this little trick from @victoria to get self documenting makefiles.

As a bonus I took a look at why we use .PHONY in makefiles: to ensure commands run even in the presence of a file of the same name as the command.

Good morning. Everything you do matters. Make sure what you do matters in a good way. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

Whenever I dig back into the fundamentals of computing, I’m once again pleasantly surprised at how often the concepts help to grow everyday-life problem solving skills. (

There are two hard problems in computer science:

1. Cache coherence
2. Naming things
3. Off-by-one errors


What’s something you’ve figured out that would improve the lives of most people if they did it too? (

When what seems like half the planet noped out of WhatsApp after its terms of service update, applications like Signal (which I highly recommend) saw an unprecedented increase in user traffic. Signal had so many new users sign up that it overwhelmed their existing infrastructure and lead to a 24-hour-ish outage. The small team responded impressively quickly, especially given that a 4,200% spike in new users was utterly implausible before it ocurred.

The downside of so…

Matrix is an open standard for decentralized real-time communication. The specification is production-ready and bridges to tons of silo products like Slack, Gitter, Telegram, Discord, and even Facebook Messenger. This lets you use Matrix to link together disjoint communities in one place, or create an alternative communication method that works with, but is independent of, communication silos.

You can create your own self-hosted Matrix chat for as little as $3.50 USD…

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