Three small steps for increasing your future leadership options in the technology space. Maintain breadth of knowledge. You don’t need to deeply understand everything (you can’t possibly, anyway) but do deeply understand new things in your specific field or niche.
Broadly understand new things in the general tech space. Action: read Hacker News daily ( Deep dive topics you find interesting. Learn about crypto. Crypto today is the Internet in the…

Thanks, well written.

I was not expecting your recommendation on #crypto - maybe I either need to do my reading or there are different assumptions on its usefulness.

Maybe in the future we will have fully virtual people served by delivery guys & support staff versus the old-fashioned materialist?

One day I want to have such a nice crafted blog. Did you describe somewhere how you did build it?

@nurinoas Very thoughtful! Who knows what the future holds. In a way, virtual people are already here!

Thank you, I’m glad you like my blog! I describe how it’s built here:

@victoria Daily consumption of technology news brings nothing toward breadth of knowledge, lmao
In particular not the orange site.

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