I no longer feel comfortable recommending third-party VPNs.

Instead, here’s how you can create your own for a few bucks a month. Bonus: it’s a Pi-hole! (

@victoria Why do you recommend against using a commercial VPN?

@victoria I think it's probably a matter of the purpose of using a VPN whether a (good?) commercial VPN or using one's own VPN (though maybe on someone else's server) is a worse solution. There are a variety of reasons people use VPNs.


Probably true. When I think of VPNs, I think of a way to get out from my home network, keeping things private from my ISP.

I think that @victoria 's point is more about ways to connect to your home network when you're working somewhere else, like a café.

@mpjgregoire Precisely. I'm generally most concerned with keeping things private from my ISP, and sometimes avoiding geofencing.


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