When what seems like half the planet noped out of WhatsApp after its terms of service update, applications like Signal (which I highly recommend) saw an unprecedented increase in user traffic. Signal had so many new users sign up that it overwhelmed their existing infrastructure and lead to a 24-hour-ish outage. The small team responded impressively quickly, especially given that a 4,200% spike in new users was utterly implausible before it ocurred.

The downside of so…

It makes me really curious about how have Signal has orchestrated their infra. I mean, certainly it's a success to be able to scale up in that time with an order of magnitude increase in demand.

@victoria I just find the whole situation with contacts to be wanting. I’d love a 3rd party, privacy focused contact cloud provider. Allow me to sync my contacts out of iCloud at least. Then let me setup and automatically backup/sync to a local folder in some plain text format. “Remember to manually export vcards every so often” is bleh.

@obsolete29 @victoria I do this using my Nextcloud + Davx app, result is my contacts are always created, synced on my own premises.

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