You can avoid breaking old links by setting redirection rules in your site’s AWS S3 bucket. Here’s a simple walk through for a domain and path change!

@victoria I really liked your article. I feel the same way about social media and mental health.

I established PixelfedLabs almost a year ago to help solve some of these issues prevalent on larger platforms!


Followed all the AWS docs to no avail? Yeah, me too. 😭 If you navigate to your new HTTPS domain and don’t see your beautiful site where it should be, here are some things you can do.

β€œ...all technical solutions for better cybersecurity hinge on the people that use them. The cyber readiness of the department needs to be on the same level as physical fitness and weaponry.”


Navy outlines a path to completely redesign its networks:

β€œThe victim cited gaps in cybersecurity knowledge and the wide range of possible scenarios as reasons for failing to adequately incorporate cybersecurity into emergency response planning.”

Or, β€œIt seemed hard, so we just didn’t do anything at all.” πŸ™„

It’s _technically_ a one-liner for renaming a bunch of image files to include their resolution, using awk. Technically. Even though it’s long.

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