I've had RSS subscriptions available for victoria.dev for some time. I recently added email! Here's the open source project I'm building that powers my list by emailing RSS feed items: github.com/victoriadrake/rss-m

My email list might get special tidbits here and there 🀫

Learn why privacy matters when it comes to your VPN.

It’s the last day to get 3 extra months free with my favorite! πŸ‘‡


How should I create a logo for victoria.dev?

πŸ”€ Use a stylized font monogram
πŸ’° Hire a designer
🚽 You don't need a logo
πŸ–Œ Draw a __________ (comment)

Everything I post here is also on my website, if you can find the secret room. 🀫

If you found it, drop an emoji here describing how you felt.

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