The time it takes to create something doesn’t begin when you sit down to code it, write it, build it. By that point it’s been years in the making, building up inside you from everything you learn and do. (

Write what you know. Build what you use.

Know what you write. Use what you build. (

Better webcam: Plug it in Ensure software compatibility Put on makeup Fix hair Turn it on Select camera output Have video call
Potato integrated camera: Have video call (

You have “fewer” things that you can count, and “less” of things you describe with a noun.

If you write fewer functions without docstrings, you get less confusion to deal with later. (

Explain what you do without using your job title.

I help people solve puzzles made out of software, and to become more efficient and happier about doing it over and over again. (

I no longer feel comfortable recommending third-party VPNs.

Instead, here’s how you can create your own for a few bucks a month. Bonus: it’s a Pi-hole! (

Lessons from the recent ProtonMail news: No, they don’t read your email. If you’re concerned about your privacy, use a VPN. If you’re breaking the law, you’ll get caught. (

If you rely on a service that stubbornly only offers SMS codes as multifactor authentication, don’t use your real cell number (the one attached to your SIM) which is typically secured from account takeover with not much more than a short PIN.

Instead, use a VOIP option like a Google Voice number that is attached to an account where you can enable MFA with an app or security key. (

The newest hydra link checker features improved validation and tag handling at the cost of a small change if you use a configuration file. Please update your commands to pass the configuration file name with the –config parameter. (

When you look at a project you haven’t laid eyes on in months and immediately spot a bunch of things you could fix…

That’s a good thing! You’ve improved! 😃 (

If you’re a reader of mine, which of my articles stands out as being the most helpful to you? (

If you’re a reader of mine, which of my articles stands out as being the most helpful to you? (

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