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Vicky Lai

@cypnk I stuck with i3 a long time, but got frustrated at the extra work needed to get things running. Whereas with GNOME stuff just works.

Given how long it takes to actually undo a survival paracord bracelet, how useful are they in emergencies, really?

Paid off some tech debt for with an all-new theme and DRY bones underneath. I've learned a lot since I first built the site in 2016!

My mainstay got a refresh too as I prep for some uber-productive deep work months ahead. In a few days I'm on a cross-country train. Looking forward to getting some writing done. 🚈🚞🚞🚞

Yeah me too. Thanks everyone!

@Mainebot You got the jump on it! Time to get ahead!

opinion: when you see a url like "", do you assume that if you go to "" you'll see all posts from that year?

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Time for a 2.10.4 release of @GIMP !

* Simple Horizon Straightening
* Asynchronous Fonts Loading
* Fonts Tagging
* Dashboard Updates
* PSD Loader Improvements
* Builds for macOS Make a Comeback

Grab a fresh copy hot off the presses! Win and macOS builds coming very soon also!

#photography #freesoftware #artwithopensource #GIMP #digitalart #FOSS

Why is there always another bug 😢

@saper It''s a slightly facetious title. Unity isn't a tiling window manager like dwm. You can tile windows by moving them around with keyboard shortcuts. I wrote about it here:

Ways in which I've fixed these jagged lines on rotated elements (when viewed in Firefox & Safari on my iPhone):

* -webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d
* -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden
* Applying borders to elements within the rotated elements

and finally the thing that mostly did the trick:
transform: translateZ(1px)


Also I :heart: ngrok

I'd guess that most of my breakfasts would horrify any existentially-minded chicken.