@bill I literally just saw this, which should tell you how detached I've been from social media! 😐 In any case, happy to have PRs :)

@zladuric @bill It’s not a bug. It’s a feature. Here’s the toot thread to prove it.

A to-do app that automatically deletes any task you've snoozed for three days in a row, because at that point it's obviously not that important to you.

My super top-secret traveller tip for improving hand grip strength: inconveniently located laundromats.

@craigmaloney Excellent book that I incorporated quite a few ideas from.

A notes app that:

- allows searching photos/scans of handwritten notes (ocr)
- supports plain text and Markdown
- is on web and iOS

Does this 🦄 exist?

Hanging out at the inaugural STACK 2018 conference. I get to do some pretty fun stuff.

Pro tip: flying overseas, entertaining family, and attending conferences are all great ways to totally ignore your email and social media for weeks on end oops.

Those first few post-around-the-planet-flight days are hard.

Had a lovely pre-flight breakfast. On to the other side of the planet! 🛫

Pre-flight prep. Heading to the other side today! 🛫

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