Those first few post-around-the-planet-flight days are hard.

Had a lovely pre-flight breakfast. On to the other side of the planet! 🛫

Pre-flight prep. Heading to the other side today! 🛫


"While using an iOS device, if a user decides to forgo the use of any Google product (i.e. no Android, no Chrome, no Google applications), and visits only non-Google webpages, the number of times data is communicated to Google servers still remains surprisingly high. This communication is driven purely by advertiser/publisher services... is found to be approximately half of that from the Android device."


Don't compose important text in browser window textareas.

-_- How many lost drafts is it going to take for me to learn this lesson.

Super excited for improved Steam on Linux! This has the potential to reduce my productivity. Just the slight potential.

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@artik This is my day pack in the picture. It travels inside my main bag, which is a Minaal Carry-on 2.0. I wrote a review of it here:

Forgetting you're on a slow internet connection, trying to "dpkg -i" a ".deb.part" 😐

@jag Great picture! Looks like Arizona? Osprey? ;)

@_tj It really bothers me that their website doesn't include photos of the opened bag/inside of the bags. :/

Unfortunately I don't know of a similar form factor in a compressible material. My guess is that messenger-style bags (a relatively flat form) may require some structure so as not to turn into awkward duffels when in use.

@jag Do you travel often? One bag is the way to go 😆

@_tj Basically flat! It travels in the back compartment of my Minaal Carry-on 2.0 next to my laptop.

What do you mean by shoulder bag? Duffel? Sling?

Okay this whole protein thing might just be getting a little out of hand

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When you google a programming issue and find your own StackOverflow answer

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