Hanging out at the inaugural STACK 2018 conference. I get to do some pretty fun stuff.

Had a lovely pre-flight breakfast. On to the other side of the planet! 🛫

Pre-flight prep. Heading to the other side today! 🛫

Okay this whole protein thing might just be getting a little out of hand

New day, new timezone, same emails to catch up on. 📨☕

New post! I'm testing out my own advice over the next little stretch of fast travel... warning: airport meal photos ahead!


Why yes, I take my carry-on bag weight seriously. Why do you ask?

I wrote about my charging set up: heronebag.com/blog/the-key-com

1 universal charger, 3 cables, 1 power bank, 10 devices. I think that's a pretty good ratio!

I'm pretty proud of my current one bag pack. I think got my EDC gear and clothes to a really functional level.


One of my favourite parts of updating my herOneBag.com blog is watching my travel stats increase. 😁🛫🗺️

PSA: if you put a bit of jam on top of a piece of Laughing cow cheese and then get your face really close to it, you can almost tell yourself it's a slice of cheesecake

🏃🏻‍♀️💨 ------ 5k🏁

Getting my endurance up has been pretty satisfying, but I need to start increasing my speed.

Ways in which I've fixed these jagged lines on rotated elements (when viewed in Firefox & Safari on my iPhone):

* -webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d
* -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden
* Applying borders to elements within the rotated elements

and finally the thing that mostly did the trick:
transform: translateZ(1px)


Also I :heart: ngrok

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