I just realized I can use my ThinkPad Bluetooth keyboard with my iPhone so now I have a new lightweight writing setup. It's like finding a $20 bill in your pocket that you already had but didn't know was there!

@vickylai Very cool! Love that Bluetooth works cross-platform like that.

@vickylai thats a great setup! are you able to write while commuting with your keyboard or do you need a desk-ish thing?
i want a nice lightweight writing setup. im thinking about getting a pomera but theyre quite expensive.
i started seriously reading because i got a kindle, and though i already do some writing, i think a dedicated writing device would be lovely. a bt keyboard might be the way to go for me too.

@0x3F I'm doing a train trip soon, so I plan to try it out! I shall report. :)

I like the ThinkPad Bluetooth keyboard in particular because it's the closest thing I've found to feeling like a mechanical keyboard while still being compact for travel. I wrote about it in one of my blog posts:

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