Vicky Lai

Hello ! I code and ♥️ / , , .

I'm a one bag nomad. I've lived in 20+ cities in 10+ countries and don't plan to settle. ✈️🌎 My favourites: 🇯🇵 Japan where I climbed Mt Fuji and eat my favourite foods, 🇹🇭 Thailand where very nice people and my other favourite foods live. I hail from 🇨🇦 Canada.

I talk , , , , . I doodle and drink too much coffee ☕. Excited to help build a healthy !


@vickylai Welcome aboard! I'm a bit jelly of your traveling, though.

@neekz0r Jelly is for bellies :D Thanks for the welcome! Maybe you can take your job on the road. :)

Welcome to Mastodon! Hope you have a great time here 😊

@vickylai Welcome! Awesome introduction. Enjoy your stay on Mastodon.

@LokiRagnarok Had to cut it down to make the character limit 😂 Thanks!

Think you'll maintain two accounts? Or select one based off the community?

@Argus It'll be one of the two, after I decide. I think keeping up two accounts is a little more decentralization than I need!

@vickylai Hi, I just joined Mastodon to give it a try. #foss #linux Parabola Linux user

@zombieinseattle Hello Zombie. I'm new to Mastodon as well. I'm an Arch user. I have heard of Parabola before. As I understand Parabola is similar to Arch except that only libre software is available in the repos, correct?

@sraysmith Sorry if I answer you this late, but yes, it's true! Parabola is very similar to Arch with only free software

@vickylai Hah, thanks – all I had to do was look like a deer in headlights (my usual pose when there’s a camera aimed at me) and they managed to make it look passable somehow :)

@vickylai Welcome to the fediverse! Please adhere to local custom and follow @mike and @kawren . Nobody knows why it is custom but when in Rome.... :11tea:

@vickylai feel free to give me a shout if you happen to be in France 😊 I'm touring there to meet with communities which put collaboration at their heart.

@oncletom Alas I only once went to Paris a long time ago. Would love to return some day! :)

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