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Vicky Lai

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Hello ! I code and ♥️ / , , .

I'm a one bag nomad. I've lived in 20+ cities in 10+ countries and don't plan to settle. ✈️🌎 My favourites: 🇯🇵 Japan where I climbed Mt Fuji and eat my favourite foods, 🇹🇭 Thailand where very nice people and my other favourite foods live. I hail from 🇨🇦 Canada.

I talk , , , , . I doodle and drink too much coffee ☕. Excited to help build a healthy !


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🛬 The entity previously known as @vickylai. Hello new instance!

Good morning fediverse!

I'm back on the grind after a little vacation. Time for ☕🍳🍳🍞 and playing catch up with a hundred or so emails and notifications 😱

I'm tempted to get a M.2 SSD and pop it in a case to use as a super tiny external hard drive, but to make it worthwhile I'd need a 2TB one. And that's expensive. 😰 What other options do I have for 2TB of tiny portable HDD?

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Good morning fediverse! ☕ I hit a new record for walking around yesterday! Let's see if I can do it again today.

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Good morning fediverse! It's a beautiful morning. ☀️

I'm off on a little roadtrip! 🚙 There will probably be carbs.

I just wanted to say that the quality of my toot timeline is so much better than my bird site feed.

Thank you all for being real humans who talk about interesting and important things. 🤜🏻

Goodnight fediverse. ✨

‪Tomorrow I'm taking a few days off from months of strict eating to hit my body fat goals.‬ I'm at a milestone, so I get a short break.

There might be food photos. Of carbs.

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Remember bookmarklets? I made one for deleting tweets. It's my non-techie version of the ephemeral Lambda function. Here you go!

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If you are or have been considering Mastodon, then I recommend

I tried Mastodon a while back but it didn't really catch my interest. But I think the Local feed on is exactly what I'm missing from Twitter trends.

Good morning humans! ☕️

Hard at work all day on a new project, finally starting to see something come together this evening... too tired to appreciate it. 😞 Time for midnight snacks and bed

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an olive garden commercial written by a bot that watched 1000 hours of olive garden commercials

Good morning fediverse. Today is an excellent day! 🤜🏻🤛🏻☀️