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Vicky Lai

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Hello ! I code and ♥️ / , , .

I'm a one bag nomad. I've lived in 20+ cities in 10+ countries and don't plan to settle. ✈️🌎 My favourites: 🇯🇵 Japan where I climbed Mt Fuji and eat my favourite foods, 🇹🇭 Thailand where very nice people and my other favourite foods live. I hail from 🇨🇦 Canada.

I talk , , , , . I doodle and drink too much coffee ☕. Excited to help build a healthy !


New day, new timezone, same emails to catch up on. 📨☕

New post! I'm testing out my own advice over the next little stretch of fast travel... warning: airport meal photos ahead!

Some packing cube specs:


21 x 15 x 10 cm (Small) 30g
33 x 18 x 10 cm (Large) 45g



11 x 19 x 5.5 cm (XSmall) 27g
17 x 24.5 x 8 cm (Small) 36g
25 x 34.5 x 8 cm (Medium) 50g


17 x 24.5 x 3 cm (Small) 64g
25 x 34.5 x 3 cm (Medium) 150g

Breakfast macros in America

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Hey baby are you Unicode character U+00B4

because that's a cute accent

Looking forward to taking off again with all my stuff on my back. Even after 40+ times, it hasn't gotten old. 🎒🛫

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It reminds me of the internet circa 92. Hackable. Sketchy. Full of promise and potential. Before it got hijacked by smart and ruthless operators.

Life doesn't normally give second chances but who knows, sometimes miracles happen 8-)

Hey , what sites/communities do you use to get freelance commission work?

Well, I optimized my site's font and images. It's not ultralight but the page sizes are all about halved, so I'll call that a win for now.

For me, the real test of being a strong, secure, confident woman is the ability to refuse a fresh-baked, warm, free croissant when carbs aren't in my macros. 👐🏻💪🏻

Poll: would you rather

a) read my blog in a styled non-system-default font, or
b) have the page load 212 KB less?

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This article is popular right now on HN:

It's something that many of us have been saying for many years. But I've been largely insulated from it: I have blocked all scripts and ads (for privacy and security reasons, but also because most sites serve proprietary JavaScript code) for years. If it weren't for my research (, I wouldn't have realized just how bad it has become.

I've also run all my browsing through #Tor for years. And what this article reminds me of (but does not mention; this is unrelated) is how Tor used to be so painfully slow---worse than dialup. It has improved drastically over the years, but by design, it's always going to be slower than directly connecting to a webserver.

But despite that, websites often finish loading for me much faster than those who use the "normal" web over a normal connection, because it's not loading so much shit. That also allows me to stick to <256MiB of data per month on my mobile plan, despite browsing sites linked to on HN and despite the extra packets from Tor itself. (Btw, is great, for those who didn't know of it.)

The very things that got me downvoted into oblivion on HN years ago are now the popular, obvious things. Why do things have to get so _bad_ before most people begin to care?

Why yes, I take my carry-on bag weight seriously. Why do you ask?

I wrote about my charging set up:

1 universal charger, 3 cables, 1 power bank, 10 devices. I think that's a pretty good ratio!

I'm pretty proud of my current one bag pack. I think got my EDC gear and clothes to a really functional level.

Welcome to , new folks. :) It's nice here.

Happy Day! There's some cake in the break room but that can wait I really need you to come and take a look at something right now