She was very energetic the first day and I was like....I need this to tone down. I can't do bubbly. We joke about it.

Kinda weird when you notice your therapist matches your tone, for your sake.

For me she has as much energy as a rock. Keeps it low key for me. The next person that comes in, you'd think the two of them had just been out drinking. Lol

Pence is intelligent enough that he can do all the horrible stuff that Trump is too stupid to figure out how to do.

The problem I have with Trump being impeached (and removed if we get that far) is that Pence scares me way more.

More accurate

<words> ... single ... <words>

Optionally with

<words> ... can't handle ... <words>

Immediately swipe left.

If you're a large company and haven't implemented dark mode yet you should be under investigation for being evil.

"Hi yes thanks for reading out change log! We squashed bugs cause we love you ❤️. "

Me: Dark mode finally?

Go and look.

Icon got updated...maybe a sign? Let's open this baby up.


TMI - Doctor appts - man problems 

Turns out there are multiple ways to test for certain diseases. Such as cotton q-tips. And not a mouth swipe.

I'm changed forever.

If an SO ever suggests that growing in some sort of facial hair might look good, you take the opportunity.

dexter spoilers (from a decade ago) 

First time watching Dexter. Season 6 or 7 (?) has gone downhill so bad.

Dexter acts out of character. His brother acts out of character. The religious stuff is weird. Feels like they're cramming in all this stuff. Dexter is reckless and seems less likely to get caught than when he's careful.


rant rant rant 

Like I'm so into people perceiving me a certain way. Even when:

a) it doesn't matter

b) the best I come off as is a dick

Who is, what is, my authentic self?

sob stories 

But then like nobody cares. Not a sob story. But I'm putting this out to I don't even know who. That's what's weird about the internet. So many feel self important but so many don't actually care. Maybe typing out shit is for me, not for you. To say it. If you say it once you can say it again.

drunkenly posting my life 

Still down to try things. When 18 years were all about a religious prison...trying new things is the thing to do.

There's a 4Chan thread like that. Someone doesn't understand why they aren't into men. I won't repeat one of the comments, but ya know.

Fr no hate on anyone. But sometimes I wonder why most men are so ugly then I'm like "oh yeah I'm only a little bisexual".

You truly don't get to decide what you're attracted to. Really a revelation every time because of conservative indoctrination.


pt 2

Biden's talking points are all over the place. He sounds weak. Looks weak. He's only a front runner because of the media.

By keeping him in the debates as a "frontrunner" the media can use him as a box for "acceptable" debate. Without him the debates would be so much more lively, interesting, and full of ideas. IMO the DNC keeps there to act as a dog collar and chain on everyone else.

He never has anything to say, but he gets a ton of airtime.


pt. 1

Joe Biden is racist from 50years ago yelling at kids to get off his lawn. Joe Biden is defending his son for stuff that Trump more or less done.

Joe won't "fundamentally change" anything. He's an old-school good-ole-boy Democrat who needs to go extinct.

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