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Sometimes simple question can disturb "day-as-usual" mindset. What are you doing? - asked stranger. Me ... it's easier to explain by saying "I'm IT guy" and negation of what from it I'm not doing.

surprised me ... 10x more than second place? Data & protection thanks to 😍

When you come to gym you need to be motivated. Some will help you with that. Incline level: 0 - “high enough” anything higher is “fight for your life”.

If you’re like me, having plenty contact with different tech-stack, tools. STOP! Focus is key!

me: "I did server hardening. Nothing special, but still better than nothing."

manager: "Why? Did we had some issues to work on that?"

me: Please allow official to install on enterprise laptop

: We need to check as root on linux can destroy our infrastructure.

me: ... and local admin account already provided to fleet of will not harm it?


Yes, it's not a trivial task (facepalm)

In my case approach is as follows:

* golden image - for base with all common;y agreed tools
* ansible - for installing extras

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Dear !
How you're dealing with on windows agents? What you're using to install/upgrade all needed software?

Let the 'su' be with You!

I was advocating in my company usage of cache local repository/mirror. Nothing better than cases like recent one with Marak is showing “someone else computer” is applicable in other cases as well.

If you're tech oriented up to the moment to hear about I highly recommend to look at & from Amnesty International Security Lab. This tool will give great insight, into data collection and what can be found within phone backup. Next to obvious verification have you been infected :) for more experienced:
$ idevicebackup2 backup --full .
$ mvt-ios check-backup -i pegasus.stix2 --o log <backupfile>

Temat coraz bardziej przybierający na sile

"Kiedy przyszli po Żydów, nie protestowałem. Nie byłem przecież Żydem.
Kiedy przyszli po komunistów, nie protestowałem. Nie byłem przecież komunistą.
Kiedy przyszli po socjaldemokratów, nie protestowałem.
Nie byłem przecież socjaldemokratą.
Kiedy przyszli po związkowców, nie protestowałem. Nie byłem przecież związkowcem.
Kiedy przyszli po mnie, nikt nie protestował. Nikogo już nie było."

Martin Niemöller, 1892-1984

Maybe someone would like to give to small group renovating & improving their centre: all support appreciated 🙏 ☸️

doesn't work on ? about:config > set "privacy.resistFingerprinting" false - refresh netflix page. 🤦‍♂️

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