@ru got such experience with… Twitter! Years ago. But what came out later is I’ve been “watching”/“following” irrelevant channels. While on other stream few but niche and interesting.

Surprised to find that does have , even within rural , while ... doesn't

recently I’ve switched good advices to card of a day. Even more inspiring 🤣😎New quality of irrelevant thoughts.

@kuba może zależy od lokalizacji, ale tak. Te o których mowię były przy zalewie, ruchliwy chodnik spacerowy a sprzęty używane przez dzieci i starszych.

Following update on free account change, migrated my instance of source: github.com/Rongronggg9/RSS-to- - Great piece of software! Few deployment options. Easy migration!

@deshipu mostlikely historical event as locals were crowding to take a picture ;)

Today due to company event we were asked to work from - dear universe please help me, to have a work, where I can avoid such activities 🙏

OSW nie zawodzi, interesujące podsumowanie tematu Polski w Rosyjskich mediach youtu.be/TuglfaSVRxc

Hello , just want to share with you my I was able to work on topic which is interesting me for long time. I did successfully improve small service which is under my control. There was always no time to look into that. You know that "more important things". I used my day off to acheive that. Small step but I feel proud of myself.

You’re welcome to spend some time in via great : “The BBS Documentary” it’s available for free 🤯😎 bbsdocumentary.com

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