Was postponing setup… thanks to @midline last episode mention of it. Finally launched mine 🤟😎 Thanks guys for great job! Information and motivation wise.

So many IM options … just purchased another one 😎 Threema. It’s EU based - rare thing. It’s open source. Encrypted by default. Happy to support😍

... to be clear it's "authentication failure on imap.gmail.com"

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Is it only me or something is going wrong with account synchronisation on ? For some good time I'm having issues with getting on and sync my It's getting to be problematic. :/

"Why an Obsession with Safety creates Sick Minds and a Sick Society" - please avoid obvious connection with current circumstances :D Need of authority figure is strong and unfortunately will increase. Looking at

Sad thing about current and is that it polarise people as hell. People are going to radical ideas and are fully convinced that “this is the way”. No step back under any circumstances. Gosh it’s so sad :/

@midline W nawiązaniu do Państwa odcinka numer #16 :) Proszę o uwzględnienie na liście tematów do poruszenia: 1) silniki wyszukiwania (kraj pochodzenia, test własny, może jakaś historia); 2) ; 3) interesująca historia:

is down by 60% since 2008 🤯 and I was confused how is it possible that people have less than in '80 😂 yewtu.be/watch?v=WsowmlDBEU0

Dwa niesamowite staropolskie słowa/ odkrycia: Onegdaj - nie dawno. Ongiś - kiedyś/ dawno temu

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