Today due to company event we were asked to work from - dear universe please help me, to have a work, where I can avoid such activities 🙏

OSW nie zawodzi, interesujące podsumowanie tematu Polski w Rosyjskich mediach

Hello , just want to share with you my I was able to work on topic which is interesting me for long time. I did successfully improve small service which is under my control. There was always no time to look into that. You know that "more important things". I used my day off to acheive that. Small step but I feel proud of myself.

You’re welcome to spend some time in via great : “The BBS Documentary” it’s available for free 🤯😎

Jeśli jeszcze nie znasz gorąco polecam! Kuba robi mega robotę przygotowując garść linków, nowości, ciekawostek

Being 9-5 and looking into at 40's is interesting adventure 👍

And if someone is saying “that’s nothing” … unfortunately it doesn’t look so good is really close to

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It’s sad but also expected. Wealthy ppl need to earn wealth somehow.

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Recent killer customization: "open new tabs next to the current tab" about:config > browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent = true
All Hail Firefox!

It's amazing how can cope and create " ". Stranger will reach and magic will start to happen. Few days together and they finding bound and common ground. Even they come from different backgrounds, can cooperate as group. Such effect can be called "Temporary Autonomous Zones". Seen same scheme many times and miss it still ;)

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