"Three coffee shops passed by in quick succession, a sign of what society had become. We used to be hunters who fought for survival, every moment a terrifying attempt to keep from falling off the brink. Now we forced bitter stimulants into our bodies throughout the day so we wouldn’t fall asleep halfway through our own lives."

Is there a federated marketplace project yet? Something the could replace Etsy, eBay, Free cycle, and Craigslist. And someday amazon.

I should wait to post after I get some sleep but here goes :P my oc Maddie, hadn't drawn her on the pc yet this year. I like to use a very anime look for her *shrug*
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“A compromise? You have a lot to learn about true evil, Nic. It doesn’t have horns or breathe fire. It is reasonable and sensible and will tell you it is only doing what it must. The ends justify the means. The goal is worth the sacrifice. There is no other way, you see? It may be evil, but it is the better of two evils. The lesser evil. And you will believe it because they believe it.”
- Archmage Winnum 'The Good Student'

Inspired by William Gibson’s Neuromancer book cover beautifully designed by Josan Gonzalez, artist Rafael Moco remade the visual with a photograph, some 3D and post production...

Fantastic work!

More pics and step-by-step videos here:

Sometimes its OK to find something beautiful without correctly understanding it.
- Cecil Palmer

Here's a commission I did for a friend back in October. He had to be done really fast, but I love the result :)

#art #digitalart #drawing #raven #mastoart #creativetoots

This was one large elaborate long term prank 🤣

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Every year our aunt in Maine sends us little handmade chocolate lobsters. This year they are soap. Guess how I found out? 🦞 🧼 👄

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