Veloren 0.13 will be released this Saturday!

We'll be hosting a release party on the public server at 18:00 GMT, July 23 featuring a custom pirate-themed map with secrets to find, minigames, and other events so don't miss it and make sure to bring your friends!

New in this release:
- Modular weapons
- Real-time weather: rain, wind, thunder, lightning
- Cliff towns
- Interconnected cave networks with cave biomes
- LoD trees
- More character customisation options
- Basic NPC personalities
- And much more!

Pumped for the new release of @veloren ! I first started playing at the 0.12 release but missed the party as I didn't know how to get to the party in the game.

I'm assuming we type
/location party

into the chat? I'll definitely be there! Do the LOD trees mean that we'll see trees going further into the distance?

@Blort that is exactly what LoD trees mean 🙂
They are low poly models but at a distance don't look too bad

We will certainly be adding a tp location (or two) for the party

@tbss we are not currently pursuing a mobile client, though the code is divided up to allow for different frontends and clients should willing developers choose to pursue them. See teloren as an example:

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