Hello Fediverse!
Veloren is an open source, open world, multiplayer voxel RPG in active development. Looking forward to engaging with people here!

@veloren tried it. It did not work for me on PopOS Airshipper failed to install. Also it seems suspect as I saw hypixel discussing some method of profit from the game. I’m still researching.

@ordabchao Veloren is not hypixel and we have no intention of making money. All the devs are volunteers. We do this in our free time. We have an open collective but it is only used for infrastructure costs.
Can you tell me what errors airshipper was giving you? What is your CPU and GPU?


@ordabchao Also how did you download/install airshipper? Was it the flatpak version? Have you tried the direct download from veloren.net?

@ordabchao Flatpaks can have trouble getting at GPU features (though you can usually bypass those issues with some env cars). Especially in Veloren's case as we are using wgpu for our graphics backend which is still very much in development

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