To get the update:

Windows - Airshipper should auto-update itself the next time it is launched.

Linux / MacOS - The latest version of Airshipper can be downloaded from the links on our Download page here:

Flatpak / AUR distributions will be updated shortly

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Airshipper 0.9 has been released and now has a server browser!

For now all listed servers must meet the following criteria:
- Use the official auth (
- Use the Weekly update channel

If you have a server that you wish to be listed in the server browser that isn't already listed, please follow the instructions here:

We hope this feature brings greater accessibility to the many servers run by the community!

For those trying to run Veloren with DX11 and DX12, we apologize for the inconvenience as the last update broke those graphics backends. Vulkan is not affected and I believe Metal is also unaffected.
An update to fix this should be available in the coming hours

We put together a feature overview/trailer for 0.13. It is a little late but hope you enjoy 🙂

Veloren 0.13 will be released this Saturday!

We'll be hosting a release party on the public server at 18:00 GMT, July 23 featuring a custom pirate-themed map with secrets to find, minigames, and other events so don't miss it and make sure to bring your friends!

New in this release:
- Modular weapons
- Real-time weather: rain, wind, thunder, lightning
- Cliff towns
- Interconnected cave networks with cave biomes
- LoD trees
- More character customisation options
- Basic NPC personalities
- And much more!

We have some major optimizations for site, tree, and terrain rendering on the way! Read about it in our latest devblog:

And hear about work on weather in Veloren in the previous devblog (because I can't post things in the right order lol)

In this weeks devblog learn how our testing lead figured out how to get the main Veloren server banned from our auth API 🙃

This past week saw a major overhaul of weapons with the introduction of craftable modular weapons. Read all about it in this weeks dev blog 🙂

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New blog post featuring the story of one of our Ukrainian contributors

Catching up on our backlog here we have a trifecta of blog posts! We posted these all today even though the dates correspond to the contributions of when they we meant to post them.

There was a Reading Club livestream today where Hannibal went over the process used for modeling mockups and release party structures! I was at work and forgot to post the link when the live stream started so here it is after the fact:

I'm a little behind schedule, but here is our last blog post covering Veloren's contribution to r/place and a reading club event with the topic of profiling:

This week's update featuring some highlights on new towns, airshipper changes, and more!

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