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Here is a cracker, 1h well spent (if you ignore the bad language):

Meredith L. Patterson: "The Science of Insecurity", 28c3

on YoutTube:

Fundamental thoughts on how to secure communication (language, elegance)

Movies to Watch before they close YouTube

Youtube "The Expert" -

I have been in lots of those meetings (as "expert" as well as as fly-on-the-wall), have you?

I now it's CNET and from Apr/2016, but the topic "Electron/Chrome vs. Firefox" is still topical, isn't it? -

If FF Quantum cannot compete with Electron/Chrome, is that the end of FF? [hopefully not, but what's the alternative then?]

Map a Task for People in Need -

E.g. help NGOs by mapping small areas they work in. I've seen how important maps are in Vietnam and Laos two decades ago for demining (get rid of UXO which still kill people) projects.

Tech help for humanitarian causes!

FF CLI options

The one I use most us `-url`: have a start icon (say OpenStreetMap) and run FF with the page in one-click.

(I am using WinStepExtreme with Nexus bar, similar to Apple or some Linux UIs).

Installed FireFfox Quantum yesterday, feels like a proper browser again. Scrollbars are old fashioned, but everything else looks good.

And it's fast and comes with the original privacy control. Guess I can leave Chrome now, eventually.

Charles Hoskinson "The Future is decentralised", talk (Mastodon being a working example)

3rd generation @Cardano_@twitter plans to use to solve network scaling needs of its platform. Starts at minute 12:40 of this video

Terms and conditions explained, some of them, per service one might use.

German government wants ‘backdoor’ access to every digital device: report

Germany’s Interior Minister wants to force tech and car companies to provide the German security services with hidden digital access to cars, computers, phones and more, according to a media report from Friday.

Lot of people I follow here are the resident “most techy” in their communities, and so are often asked by scared colleagues how to be secure online. If that’s you, here’s a guide we wrote that could help you feel more confident about digital security and teaching what I know you know:

The Coming Software Apocalypse -

"The software did exactly what it was told to do. The reason it failed is that it was told to do the wrong thing."

"Software engineers don’t understand the problem they’re trying to solve, and don’t care to."

"There is no spoon", aehm network. It's all about distributed computing, with theory from , see Funny: Mastodon seems to be the only universe that understood that w/o theory.

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