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@robey well, Chet is mainting Bash for some years now...and he commited the bash5 tag.

Just when I learned bash programming, bash 4, number 5 comes out. It never ends ;)

bash 5.0 was released today. unfortunately, the authors are new to revision control systems, so the entire release was one commit:

Starting an OSS project, e.g. on Github, is east, keeping up with demands (once people using it) is hard. I should have known this earlier...

4 years of work, now my Policy engine APEX is open source in ONAP, docs hosted here -

The problems with (and solutions for) time and date, a Hanselminutes podcast with Matt Johnsson (moment.js and Microsoft) - (it's from 2015, but still valid!)

Got Rambox installed and configured again, back to mastodon (sort of a new years resolution).

SD Times: GitHub will now provider developers with unlimited free private repositories

5 kitchen appliances you can buy for money now - - and IoT will make these look like toys, relatively soon.

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