5 kitchen appliances you can buy for money now - youtube.com/watch?v=3i1HbaUvuz - and IoT will make these look like toys, relatively soon.

Some lessons learnt, a lot here makes sense: The Twelve-Factor App


Networking becomes distributed computing, now even w/ industry support,

If you haven’t switched to duckduckgo yet what convinced me was when @amsomniac showed me the !bangcodes

Basically if you start a ddg search with something like !ebay or !wiktionary it searches that site directly after being anonymized through ddg’s server. So rather than have different search engines in my browser I select it’s just !w for Wikipedia or !translate for google translate

You can even do !g and do an anonymous untracked google search

Bei aller Liebe - man sollte Programmierer keine User-Interfaces entwickeln lassen. Manch andere Fähigkeit sollte sich unbegrenzt austoben dürfen, virtuelle Katastrophen sind meist noch leichter zu handeln als die der Natur, ist sich Hal Faber sicher. www.heise.de/newsticker/meldun #saukontrovers #HalFaber

Home alone with my little star second week now. My home cooking requires improvement. Main lesson learnt: respect single mothers, they do at least two jobs, if not more!

Yes, single dads, too.

Verizon joins ONAP > sdxcentral.com/articles/news/v

interesting move, though the article is a bit over optimistic on deployment

Here is another one to watch on ΔQ: Peter Thompson of PNsol "The Overture ΔQ testbed for design and deployment planning" (youtube) > youtube.com/watch?v=_DF1v-hoAs

"Using the ΔQ calculus to model blockchain scalability" 34 minutes well spent (youtube), Neil Davis: youtube.com/watch?v=0UY51U2ur3

description by Martin Geddes: mailchi.mp/martingeddes/modell

background: it's distributed computing (not networking, never was), starting there science is back, to your immediate (and monetary) advantage

1 app and 6 levels of indirection in a cloud environment, all of which need patching somehow someday (from birdsite): twitter.com/samnewman/status/9

Did ask Eugen for a Twitter-like Mastodon experience, halcyon.social/ is the answer.

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