Non working source code is a failure of communicating to the machine what it is supposed to do.

Incomprehensible source code is a failure of communicating to other developers what the machine is supposed to do.

I once picked up a valuable advice: source code should be written for the people who will read it later. The computer always understands.

Simplifying and Harmonizing Open Source for More Efficient Compliance

2016: theory and model, 2017: final implementation, 2018: FOSS and promotion of software, 2019: case studies and use cases. Happened as if we planned it that way.

Good news everyone!

#Python 2.7 has been declared perfect and the developers are going to stop changing it!

It's so rare to see software projects that actually get finished, we should take heart and inspiration. ❤️

so I guess a list of android phones not caving in/selling out to Facebook needs to be made?

The Independent: Facebook deal makes it impossible to delete app from Android smartphones.

Why is it BASH 5 and not 4.6? I don't see why there is the version jump...

Spent all morning wresting with timezones, but if I'd really learned my lesson I would've said I spent all afternoon (UTC) wrestling with timezones

This year's project: finish my article on time/date aspects in network management: standards, tz, DST, BCP, pitfalls. All still a problem for many engineers I am talking to.

In case you haven't heard of Solid. Sir Tim Berners-Lee's project to reclaim the web.

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