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Hi everyone, I am James (jmes)
I'm 27, queer, trans, agender and polyam. I'm autistic and disabled, too.

I'm a programmer currently working on Vogue International Fashion Shows.

I like , reading post apocalyptic novels and eating.

I plan to learn this year.

If you got an issue on your repo this morning saying found an error in your config and there will be no further updates, it's a bug with Renovate that will soon be rolled back

Anyway we're in a walking aid period this week and that may be contributing to my bad mood.

I would love some more disability themed emojis because if I use ♿ that suggests I'm a wheelchair user. I want walking sticks, I want crutches. I want both of these things without them being attached to pictures of elderly people.

Falling asleep and remember that the first week of my first development job I had to tape my trainer up with sellotape because it fell apart in the office because I couldn't afford new shoes. I was so fucking embarrassed.

Just want to be bundle up in a blanket, have some hot chocolate and be taken care of a bit.

Can't shake this feeling of melancholy and really, I do not have time for this at all.

Just finished The Priory of the Orange Tree. 700 page standalone fantasy novel full of queers. My heart.

Ugh three times so far tonight I've cried at this book. It is so good.

Acquired. Going to sit in silence, be a little melancholy in this rain and read my book.


Not really drinking much at all anymore but gosh, I could really go for a glass of wine.

Every time I look up now I am reminded of how very queer me and my colleague are.

His desk is also 🌱🌱🌱 surrounded 🌱🌱🌱🌱 by plants and It's wonderful.

Very tired. Holding on to the fact I am off all of next week.

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