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Hi everyone, I am James (jmes)
I'm 27, queer, trans, agender and polyam. I'm autistic and disabled, too.

I'm a programmer currently working on Vogue International Fashion Shows.

I like , reading post apocalyptic novels and eating.

I plan to learn this year.

Sitting jn dark watching Minecraft videos cos can't use arms

feel like pure shit just want (arms) back x

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RSI bad. Need to not use phone. But if no phone then no contact with anyone 😭

Just recalled a goose bit me as a child


Or get Minecraft so we can do cross play thx

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Anyone have a Minecraft server I can play on where I enjoy the presence of people but will likely not talk to any of you. Thanks

You: The working class don't understand trans people because of their situation!!!
Trans people: no-one will hire me, I can't even make it to working class

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Everyone should have the means to live a comfortable life, but you do not have to personally spend your time on racists and anti LGBT folk.

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Please don't support anti trans people because they are poor lmao did I just type that sentence

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(depending on your definition of working class. I work. But I'm no longer poor)

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Good to know that as a now formerly (?) working class person I don't understand trans people or their ever changing zeitgeist.

How do I meet these trans people?

Haven't had a whole milk flat white in over a year and... It's gross. I hate it. I just forgot to say "Soy" and here we are

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I ate egg fried rice and whole milk in a coffee today which I never do now. Kinda forgot.

it's 10.37 am and I am already feeling low from not being able to use my limbs so i need to do something

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what are some nice things to do around hoxton in the afternoon? i can't use my arms much so can't do things at home, so figured I could do something outside?

not feeling very good today about being disabled ♿

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