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Hi everyone, I am James (jmes)
I'm 27, queer, trans, agender and polyam. I'm autistic and disabled, too.

I'm a programmer currently working on Vogue International Fashion Shows.

I like , reading post apocalyptic novels and eating.

I plan to learn this year.

We're all going to have a good day. Tend your gardens! 🌱

Love to have health issues that have to be attended to instead of enjoying my bed 😭

This year I've gone from waking at half 7 naturally, to 7, to half 6, to 6. Why even bother sleeping 😭

how many polycules fell over whilst gcal was down?

It was pointed out to me the other day that I don't really smile regularly IRL, which is interesting!

I usually just stare at the camera. Sometimes I smile but mostly if there is a cat with me.

Not like in a mean way. Just, why is your mouth open and you're squinting. Or why do you have your arm like that. Why did you make it look like you were mid telling a joke.

I spend a lot of time looking at people's selfies and wondering "why did you make that face?"

"you're all great etc." i know how to motivate a team baybeee

Have a great day everyone, I think you're lovely 🧡🌱

Gonna curl up in bed, rebase a branch and watch Love Island 😪

I'm an independent baby but the baby is poorly

Someone needs to take care of the baby. The baby is me.

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