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Hi everyone, I am James (jmes)
I'm 27, queer, trans, agender and polyam. I'm autistic and disabled, too.

I'm a programmer currently working on Vogue International Fashion Shows.

I like , reading post apocalyptic novels and eating.

I plan to learn this year.

I've been hiding and barely communicating for 4 days now ✌️

Weirdly enough I'm actually gaslighting the shit out of my self

When everyone who cares about you is saying X but you're saying Y because you're stubborn/delusional

I fell asleep in Laura's bed because the builder was hours late. But I have woken up to find she helped with my laundry, I have ordered food and will sleep soon. very tired and very emotional

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If I can order food after and make it to 8pm without sleeping, I might be able to drastically reduce tomorrows jetlag. But I can feel myself falling asleep as I've now been awake for more than 24 hours

Showered, put all my dirty clothes in the wash. Now laying on a proper bed for the first time in a week but it's my housemates as some guy is coming round to take away my curtains for the day 😭

I did not get any sleep on the plane as my leg doesn't do well on flights I've learned. So hi I've been awake for about 24 hours

I just spent a 9 hour flight with mild food poisoning and I still have to make it home without incident.

I ate six pork buns and my stomach is not at all happy

Feeling a lot of things, but mainly that I am a horrible person. Hope I can sleep on the plane.

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Seriously, come work with me. Let's work together to make webdev tooling futuristic af

Finally ate breakfast: pork buns
Might get more

Heading to the airport. Don't know what connectivity is going to be like so if you don't hear from me in 14-16 hours then you can worry I guess

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