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We just released #OpenTracks v3.15.0
Please take backups BEFORE and AFTER upgrading (recommended: KMZ).

The upgrade contains some nasty internal changes regarding the data storage, but now we can (finally) backup and restore a track incl. it's statistics (only KML/KMZ) [only tracks recorded with v3.15.0 and above].

Please also upgrade #OSMDashboard to 2.10.0 as the Dashboard API was changed as well.

Here is the changelog:

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Favicon 'supercookie' exploit bypasses private browsing mode and VPN protections, and works in all major browsers, allowing a user to be tracked across websites, and there's nothing we can do to stop this until browser are modified. Clearing browser cache etc does not help.

Just since 1.1.2021 added initial support for Amazfit X, wasp-os on nRF52 devices, Zepp E, Amazfit GTS 2 Mini, Amazfit Neo, Amazfit GTR/GTS 2e, Amazfit Bip U Pro. This is crazy, especially given that:

- all of these watches are similar to each other.
- considering how much certification and all of the other paperwork costs

The profits must be through the roof for the wearable vendors.

A short article to document a process of adding a fairly simple feature to Gadgetbridge. Intended to newcomers wanting to participate in Gadgetbridge development, it hopes to serve as a basic introduction to some of the concepts used in the codebase, hosted at .

Day after day, the system is quietly humming under my fingers, taking care of all the heavy lifting, allowing me to do my job. Many thanks to all developers, maintainers, contributors, translators and others.

Debian -- The Universal Operating System

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Walk -

Here’s the bottom line: Walk when you can, where you can. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you for it.

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#InfiniTime 0.12.0, the #FOSS firmware for @PINE64 #PineTime is now released!

This new version improves the BLE connection stability. OTA is now more reliable and the connection to the companion app should be more reliable than before!

So it seems that i can only export my data but cannot import to Mastodon. Is there a technical limitation to this or why would that be? Marking posts as modified, imported or something else would seem sensible.

From the point of view of a regular person, what Mastodon offers is not much different to what Google takeout and the like provide, especially given GDPR requests, making this mandatory.

So you can always leave, but it is hard to re-establish again.

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I can read three languages fluently and other two partially but some languages are just too foreign to me. I would love to be able to select or filter post of people i follow based on these preferences but it seems to work only public timelines... (like Local/Federated).

weather this week. +2/-10°C, but... Europe 🇪🇺 so no sugar maples 🇨🇦

A friend (70+) asked me for a Facebook alternative. Given all the investment such a move takes, plus choosing the right instance and maybe in the future start own instance, i tested the possibility to move complete account from one instance to another. It seems that one can move the followers/mute/block/... lists, but not the actual data - toots with pictures. You can export but cannot import. Did i miss something? Any suggestions?

Talk with Simon Willison, one of the co-creators of Django, about some early Django history and also about Datasette. Datasette allows you to grab your data in many forms, for example in sqlite databases to analyze and explore it. If you feel like, you can also instantly publish it in read only form on the web. Simon also talks about Dogsheep, a personal search engine for your data which is a combination of search, Datasette and import plugins to gather data from big tech silos.

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Just found out that when being forced to take part in a zoom meeting:

- There is no gallery mode in Firefox/Linux
- In chromium/Linux you are asked to launch the application (which I won't install), if you cancel twice, a link magically appears which lets you use the web browser, including "gallery mode".


I like how prominent the Data(base) Management has been in . No fuzz, simply get your data in or out. Adding a button to easily "Delete data after export → sync → backup" just promotes good data hygiene. Extra suitable for those with not 100% FLOSS apps or Android ROM on their devices. Part of the next release.

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