Answering to my own question, this explains it well: TLDR; There is html meta tag behind import url that points go to right repository. Bonus question is still open though.

So question to any capable gopher: If I add import statement like for example this: '', how Go knows how to resolve it to the GitHub repository and download the depedency? That url redirects to GoDoc, has it something to do with it in this case? Bonus question: why v1.5.2 of the package is added to go.mod even though there is newer tagged releases in

@fribbledom same but backwards and then I'm scrolling thought search results and wondering why everything is related to Android.

@deshipu In context of programming you don't forget everything you have learned when you start learning something new. What makes you good at programming is exactly your skill to adapt your knowledge to learn more.

@deshipu Care to give an example when you think it changes?

@deshipu Not so sure about that. There is clear distinction between total beginner and programmer. If you can talk about code/development with someone I concider them as fellow programmers.

@deshipu So let me correct myself: those who are still learning basics.

@deshipu those who are still learning are noobgrammers

@jocor Ah ok, thanks for the clarification. I have found that best way to learn is by building something. By every application you make you will get better and start to notice problems with your last work. My suggestion is to think something you could need that would help you and start writing software.

@jocor Pick up language (for ex. Python, easy to setup and understand) and just start making something for yourself. It does not need to be anything complicated but something larger than Hello World will kickstart you to learn the basics.

How is it so that everyone keeps on recommending VeraCrypt but it's performance on SSDs is so bad? 4k random writes are much more slower than with unencrypted drive. It's sad because there really is no alternative if wanting to use FOSS encryption on Windows.

@nikoheikkila Tutanotaan päädyin itse pitkän pohdiskelun jälkeen. Protonmailista jäi vähän turhan "turvallisuusteatteri" fiilis, kun vaikka vilkaisee palvelun privacy policyä. IMAPia Tutanota ei valitettavasti tue, mutta nuo Android appis on ainakin ollut ihan riittävä.

Pro-tip for mass removing likes from Twitter: go to likes page and scroll to bottom (load all tweets), open browser console and type "$('.ProfileTweet-action--unfavorite').click();". This will simulate clicking the heart icon and will unlike all tweets!

@farhan From all services I've started using after leaving Google OpenStreetMaps has given me worst experience. Google Maps as a service is just so good that it is hard to compete.

@iamon KeePass + fews scripts to upload and download the passord vault to remote server. Works pretty good!

@mdszy for all new activities yes, but I think all content that has reached other instances is still there (like inboxes). I could be wrong though. Same princible could work with stores but amount of data (postings, images etc.) every instance needs to store can get out of hand quick.

@mdszy yeah, it makes interesting problem. It would kinda defeat the purpose if every instance needs to store each others store inventories for searching. Maybe only somekind of metadata could be stored and then fetched when needed, but then item postings are unavailable if instances are down.

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ya know what would be fascinating

storefront built on this federated shiz

people can have their own stores and they can all federate and it would be like a big ol' ebay that is all cool and federated and shiz

@mdszy Interesting idea indeed. What I'm wondering is how activities could be federated between instances? Main use case here is that user searches something to buy so instances need to know inventories of other instances sellers.

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