How is it so that everyone keeps on recommending VeraCrypt but it's performance on SSDs is so bad? 4k random writes are much more slower than with unencrypted drive. It's sad because there really is no alternative if wanting to use FOSS encryption on Windows.

Pro-tip for mass removing likes from Twitter: go to likes page and scroll to bottom (load all tweets), open browser console and type "$('.ProfileTweet-action--unfavorite').click();". This will simulate clicking the heart icon and will unlike all tweets!

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ya know what would be fascinating

storefront built on this federated shiz

people can have their own stores and they can all federate and it would be like a big ol' ebay that is all cool and federated and shiz

What kind of service you think is still missing from and should exists?

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@uuksu No, the federated timeline simply shows all public toots that your own instance receives from others because people subscribe to their friends over there.

Could someone care to explain me how it is decided from what instances toots are shown in federated timeline? Do Mastodon instance admins need to select what public feeds to follow? 🤔

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