Also if someone has multiple VCFs from the same reference that I can throw at graphite that would be great. I'm testing progressive updates.

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Creating the Intial Variation Graph

A post about creating the initial graph in graphite (my summer of code project).

Linear sequence + VCF to GFA of RSV generated by graphite a few days ago. Cleaning up the code right now then move on to progressively updating the graph.

First cluster: case B was pregnant and escaped quarantine to go to her Aunt's place...

Third cluster: a person was released from quarantine and had sexual contact with ... 😳😦🙀

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This paper in Vrius Evolution on Ebola transmission in Sierra Leone reads like a horror movie script. Just skip to results under "An EVD cluster occurred in late June 2015 ..."

good morning, I found this guide to using `tar` very helpful [cw screaming Arnold Schwarzenegger face]

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Tried to use adrdox on biod but ran into a couple of errors.

Simply trying to reproduce:

A little context. I'm a beliver of Woody Allen's "the score takes care of itself". Where you set up the right processes and things work out.

I accept that:
- too much process can be stifling
- process can end up taking/distracting from the main objective.

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What do you think is the value of:
- having documentation early in a project ?
- a standardized issue reporting template?

Related (on my fork of BioD
- Added issue templates
- Attempting to add usage docs

Yesterday @dthompson and I (mostly Dave) worked on "guix deploy" and got it to a nearly minimally working state

However, we're stuck on a weird issue involving (guile-)ssh. We could use help if you're interested in looking.

Just finished the D programming tutorial by Derek Banas

792 lines of D code later, I'd say it was definitely good. Wish he covered on testing, all there was was a single assertion in passing.

I still need a little work on the templates and mixins.

I have it here in a gitlab snippet

I haven't actually finished the book though. I stopped halfway through and started reading the C programming book which is much smaller.

The problem with reading your nth programming book is it's quite boring and that makes you skip a lot of important detail.

C and D are fun though. C++ not so much fun. I need to spend a little more time to read and *understand* people's code in a glace.

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For example in the book the writer tends to read characters as ints because chars are really small ints and I think he's aiming for unicode support.

Something the video doesn't mention.
Although it's not a book it's a video tutorial. I'm quite enjoying it and noticing things I missed while going through the book.

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On minute 46:29 of the D programming video

Updating this gitlab snippet with my progress:

The video is good but reading the book is really important to learn the nitty gritty and details of everything.

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