working in fast food is just being psychologically tortured and emotionally abused for a paycheck

i mean that's lots of jobs, but ESPECIALLY fast food

it's just so blatant, they don't even try to hide it. it's just an accepted part of the job description

i cannot emphasize enough just how horrifically brutal it is

just thinking about it brings me back to the feeling of wanting to split my boss's head open with a fire axe

if you work in fast food you are literally braver than the troops

@unlofl @vantablack
$10/hr? Luxury.
In my day, I got $5.50/hr and were just happy to be paid over minimum wage ($5.15/hr).

@unlofl @vantablack @aspensmonster isn't there a study that concluded food service, particularly food delivery, is like twice as dangerous as being a cop?

@AgreeableLandscape @unlofl @vantablack not sure about specifics, but yes, being a cop is a good deal safer than a number of other occupations.

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