Its always "The Simpsons predicted the future," and never "we created ourselves a nightmare world beyond parody."

@unlofl "Today's proverb: You know when you write an episode [about the town's first snow turning out to actually be soot from tidying up after recent event at the park] and it reflects events [conspiracy theories about the snow in Texas being faked] a month later which you couldn't have intended because they hadn't happened yet? What we can we say, we all live in Night Vale now!"

If you see something,
say nothing!
and welcome to Night Vale!

@unlofl The Simpsons was supposed to be a warning, not an instruction manual

@unlofl one of thoee things is a Fun thing you can Joke About, the other requires staring long and hard into the Void that is human nature. Of course it's "the Simpsons predicted the future" /hj

@unlofl felt like we tilted from the former to the latter in 2017 or so 💔
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