NFTs are so much better than other crypto/Blockchain shit, because we get to watch the libertarian crypto bros pivot to complaining about the unregulated market, demanding a central authority regulate verified vs knockoff NFTs, and gradually reinvent the concept of copyright law.

People were excited for DRM free content, but now content free DRM is all the rage. fair. I haven't actually seen many NFT artists at all. They're ironically not really the public face of this.

@unlofl Watching ancaps recapitulate the development of the state in real time is my FAVORITE schadenfreude activity.

@Nentuaby @unlofl so relieved to finally watch us slide into the find out part of the past decade of parasitic fuckarounds trying to evade well-established regulatory systems that exist for very important reasons

@carcinopithecus @Nentuaby Yes, though I think the "gig economy" might be the larger case of that.

But thats the sadder case, people getting rekt by NFTs are funny.

@unlofl and all in service of protecting the ugliest picrews ever created

@unlofl Not sure if I would want to trust people who want to disable rightclick-save with reforming copyright ^__^

@unlofl loose dot-connect to prove that libertarians aren't actually libertarians. they are actually just evil.

i wonder what other views you also can delegitimize by adjacency? (spoilers: all of them)

@unlofl well, it was meant to point out a problem with yours. and with a lot of political communication in general of course.

we could try to discuss this. it will possibly be frustrating and i may randomly drop the conversation even in the chance it goes well. so that's cool, right?

@unlofl If watching crypto space from Bitcoin to ICOs was "Financial Systems 101", then NFTs are definitely "Financial Systems 102". I'm learning a lot of new things about the types of scams that exist, and various structures in real economy, just by watching the dumb shit the NFT folks are getting themselves into.

At the same time, it's pretty scary: even if NFT hype eventually dies down, they *are* running a successful PoC of generalized artificial scarcity in digital space.

@unlofl Crypto and NFTs are literally a cult. This video is very eye opening about just how grifty everything is in it.
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