@lienrag @unlofl It's hard to beat the quality of specialized torrent tracker (at least, for anime there is no contest).

I guess a torrent tracker is only as good as its contributor's work. I'm very surprised we still got so much in fact, considering how I couldn't find an automated way to add torrents without using a crappy web interface and doing lenghty rendundant tasks to fill the dumb forms to submit a new entry. :(


I guess I will show my age with this question, but what is specialized torrent tracker ?

@lienrag You know how torrent tracker are mostly a website indexing a list of torrents/magnet ? Some of them specialized in "french language contents", "techno music" or "anime" or even stuff as niche as "anime soundtracks".

In the bunch there is also the "closed trackers" where you need to be subscribed to download which often leads up to ask for a ratio download/upload, asking for money... As such a looot of torrent tracker bacame hellish and participated to the ill repute of it all.


Yeah, I had an account on Yggtorrent and I lost the password.
Also I never get a good ratio because I like things that are not very popular, so basically closed torrents are not really useful to me.

But anyway I thought that Magnets on TPB have a lot of trackers in them, so I guess the specialized ones' content should be on TPB too ?

@lienrag I've got a limited experience in this, but I'm pretty sure it's not the case. Most open tracker I use have magnets I won't find on TPB.

There is also "meta-torrent tracker" which look up multiple trackers, but I couldn't find one that wasn't reaaally bad to this day (results and ergonomy both).

It feels like a missed opportunity for open culture. I know I can hardly give any concrete usage of torrent to french friend because of it. :<


I used BTDigg to get the full DHT, but it never tells how many seeders there are for a torrent, so I end having half-downloaded torrents aplenty...

Popcorn Time embraces modernity without rejecting tradition

@drq @unlofl Leeching without seeding back is hardly tradition.

(also it seems Popcorn Time team thinks they are dead now)

@shuro You do seed the movie while PT is running though, no?

> dead

Who cares, the app works.


@drq @unlofl You might seed while you are watching but likely not unless you are watching something very popular.

The tradition is to give back at least as much as you got. This is what keeps p2p sharing running and allows things like PT to even exist.

"Seed what you watch" is useful for load distribution so the source can handle the demand but not much else.

@shuro Not watching anything right now, am seeding.

Watching "Death to 2021", still seeding.



@drq @shuro Hard to tell anything from this screenshot, since it only shows transfer rates. The real question is if you're reaching a ratio of 1, uploading as much as you download.

TPB wouldn't care, but most private sites would ban you if you didn't maintain certain ratios. Its part of why so many public torrents die without seeds, "hit and run" downloading.

@satanist Оба - сраный JS

Но с другой-то стороны, если открытое и работает - то какого хуя.

@shuro @unlofl

@drq @unlofl Oh, it caches now? Nice.

If I recall correctly it wasn't the case in the past which was the reason not to use it.

@shuro Yeah, since forever.

And you can set it to not clear the cache on exit.


@unlofl@mastodon.technology yeah but not the pirate bay they have crypto miners and its full of viruses any other will do

@unlofl I rip DVDs and BluRays, and I'm pretty sure DVDs predate Pirate Bay 😌
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