When DevOps is fun, it's like flipping a switch and watching a giant bouncy castle unroll and stand up all on it's own. When DevOps goes bad, it's like accidentally triggering that while still in your van in traffic.

"Don't worry, I'm an expert!" I say, pressed tightly against the windshield.

"This has been weeks in planning!" I assure everyone honking at me.

"Stop honking! As soon as the rollback finishes I'll be able to reach the pedals again!"

When your coworker has to come to your rescue: "thanks, it's fine, I'm fine, just tow me back like this, we can figure out how to deflate the thing back at the shop!"

@unlofl in the latter case, you do still end up with a bouncy castle though. Sure it's in traffic but having a bouncy castle attached to your van is still kinda badass.

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